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Behold because here's a sum up of my last week Friday in today's 'From AM to PM with me' blog serie! Thank you for the positive feedback on my first one too, I am happily to post today's one for you as well.

Vandaag een 2e samenvatting van vorige week vrijdag voor mijn blogserie From AM to PM With Me'! Dank jullie wel voor de positiviteit op mijn eerste blogpost, ik ben daarom heel blij om vandaag weer eentje te belichten voor jullie.

❝Hover for
7:30 AM // wake up
Today was a work day so I have set my alarm to 7:30 AM but I woke up at 7:15 AM thanks to my dad. Breakfast on workdays are usually simple and quick and here I was having yogurt with black sesame powder (not Oreo) and an apple.
8:30 AM - 12:00 PM // work and earn
Welcome to my humble little class! So I work at a school at teach 4-6 year old kids. I also do a lot of substitute teaching too.
12:00 PM // lunch
At 12:00 PM it`s lunch time, here I was eating outside with colleagues. I had

homemade quinoa salad, raw veggies, apple and coffee. Sometimes it`s nice to bring a good lunchbox at work! After 30 min. lunch we get back to work.
15:40 PM // going home
When work shift is done I walk to the bus station and take my usual bus ride and head home. It takes about 10-15 min.
16:00 PM // relaxing
Yuna feat. Usher - Crush
When I am finally home I take a break by getting a small snack, making tea and turn on my laptop and check my emails, blog and listen to music.

Lately I am obsessed with the song `Crush` by Yuna feat. Usher. How amazing is this collaboration!

❝Yuna is a Malaysian singer-songwriter and businesswoman. Born and raised in Kedah, she began writing songs at age 14. - Wikipedia

The song `Crush` is a slow, relaxing and even quite soothing R&B song - I love it! Doesn`t Yuna look a lot like artist Zendaya?
18:00 PM // dinner
Gosh I was starving! For dinner I made healthy creamy risotto with zucchini, mushroom and herbs.
20:00 PM // TV

Perhaps very civil of myself and even boring but past 20:00 PM I always settle down at the television and watch my daily shows: the news, Masterchef UK, The Middle (such an underrated comedy in my opinion) and do my crochet works before hitting bedtime.


  1. I had black sesame powder with milk for breakfast yesterday!! I've never tried it with yoghurt before. I'll try that next time :) I still need to buy yoghurt from the grocery store. I put yoghurt in my overnight oats too! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. That is so great that your work commute is so short and convenient! I envy you :) And that risotto looks super tasty!

  3. What a fun post! It's interesting to see what an average day is like for other people. All your meals look really delicious! I've seen a few episodes of The Middle, it is pretty funny!

  4. Thank you for sharing! I can't believe that you live so close to worl; that is so lovely!

    nat - dignifiable

  5. This was fun!! I love that you clarified they weren't crushed Oreo, haha!

  6. Your one day is so lovely!
    Your students must be so happy :))


  7. The dinner dish looks AMAAAZINGGGG! I really loved this post! It's personal and nice to see what you do throughout the day. :)

  8. You have awesomely healthy eating habits that I'm suitably impressed by :)

  9. I have yet to do a photo series documenting my day. I have been wanting to do it for several years now but I just always seem to miss the first part of my day!


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