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Lets have a little peek at my last Wednesday which was my day off from work! Woo!


Wat heb ik vorige week woensdag - een vrije dag uitgespookt?
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voor Nederlandse

10:30 AM // slow breakfast
Because it was my day-off today I slept in. Always nice to able to do that! After a bit of a yoga section it was time for a slow breakfast: yogurt, dark chocolate and nuts.
12:00 - 13:00 PM // little me-time
Still starting my morning slow. I have turned on the laptop and checked my emails, blog, online shop dashboard and FB. Here I was sorta chatting with one of my favorite tv cooks: Lorraine Pascale! Do you know her? It was short but lovely - Lorraine was answering all sorts of cooking questions that people left in the message box. Me being starstriked and stunned I didn`t put any questions other than me saying hello to her and how much I love her shows and such.
13:30 PM // lunch
A rich healthy lunch: couscous with smoked salmon and lots of freshly chopped veggies!
14:00 - 16:00 PM // art
After lunch I have decided to be productive on this day-off of mine: do some artwork while I watch series! Here I was watching an anime called `Final Fantasy XV - Brotherhood` that I have found on Youtube which was on my suggestion box. I am glad it was featured in the suggestion box because this anime is pretty good! My only anime I follow these days are: Naruto, Attack on Titan and now Final Fantasy XV.

I also really should start watching GoT again. All these GoT articles links and their thumbnails on FB are pretty much spoilers, even I don`t click on the links!
17:30 PM // hanging out
Because it was my day-off I tend to have more time left too for my social part of life so I went to hang out with best friend S. Her baby sister was there too and the 3 of us were hanging out with good and serious talks and of course snacks! These mango jello in tiny cups are such nostalgic childhood snacks really.
19:45 PM // dinner
The 3 of us end our day with a long dinner at a local restaurant. I have ordered pan fried slip sole in with green mayonnaise. Friend S. also ordered the same and friend M. ordered the chicken. It was a nice dinner overall. It was fairly busy too in the restaurant proving that eating out is not for weekends only but also in any weekday too like this Wednesday of mine.


  1. Sounds like a really lovely day! x

  2. Oh wow - I haven't had those jelly cups in .... years. Probably 6 years now!

    Nat - Dignifiable

  3. Sounds like a nice day off! I love being able to have a slow breakfast.

  4. Slow breakfasts are my favourite thing to do as soon as the weekend hits :) and omg that first drink is so beautiful. What is it? It looks like from the place you had dinner! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  5. All your meals look super lovely! I'm now free like every day and I'm still living on fried eggs, tosti and muesli - I should make fancy salads too XD I haven't had those cups in FOREEEVER. They were so good though!

    memoleaf - blog

  6. I used to love those little jelly cups when I was a kid! I could eat 20+ in one sitting, which usually resulted in a stomachache, haha. It's always nice having a day off in the middle of the week, looks like you spent it well! :)



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