Homemade Healthy Tomato Sauce


A fact: a tomato is a fruit but it's used as a vegetable in cooking because they are mostly used in savory cooking than sweet cooking.

So that being said I confirm this fact because I've made healthy tomato sauce recently too. And there's no blending and blitzing involved either making this recipe a quick one too.

Since I like tomato sauce I want to store them for a longer period and therefor I canned the tomato sauce in a sterilized jar in the fridge. Consume them within 1-2 weeks!

Een feit: een tomaat is een vrucht maar wordt gebruikt als groente omdat ze vaak in hartige gerechten bereidt worden dan in zoete gerechten.

Het feit mag dan wel kloppen in praktijk want ikzelf heb onlangs een gezonde tomatensaus gemaakt. Blenden en hakken is niet nodig! En dit maakt het receptje daarom lekker snel.

Ik wil daarom wat langer van mijn gezonde gemaakte prutje genieten en heb ze daarom in een gesteriliseerde pot bewaard in de koelkast. Binnen 1-2 weken consumeren!  

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The Recipe
7 tomatoes
4-5 garlic cloves
2 onions
1½ cup stock (I used vegetables)
½ tbsp. various dried Italian herbs (oregano, basil etc.)
pepper & salt
Lets sterilize a jar

Making homemade sauces, chutney, jams etc. is fun! And you can enjoy them longer when they are stored in sterilized jars. Here`s how I do it.

I clean the jars firstly with hot water with soap and then rinse them well and thoroughly. Then I place the jars in a
preheated oven of 120C and let it dry for
about 10 min. Do not touch the inside of the jars with your fingers! For the lids I boil them in hot water for 10 minutes too.
Great on toast too - imagine a slice of cheese on top and nomnomnom!
The Steps
1. Chop and dice onions and garlic and chop the tomatoes in small chunks.
2. Heat up a fry pan/wok and add in 5 tbsp. (olive) oil on medium-low heat. Add the chopped garlic, onions and half of the tomatoes in the pan and let it fruit for about 5 min. Keep stir frying meanwhile.
3. Once everything becomes tender, soft and very fragrant add in the stock and let it come to a boil on high heat and once it is cooking lower the heat and let it shimmer and add the rest of the chopped tomatoes.
4. Sprinkle pepper and salt to your liking and taste. Let the whole sauce shimmer for about 30 min. on low heat.
5. When the sauce is thicken up and soften remove from heat and add the dried herbs and combine well.
6. Store the homemade sauce in the prepared and sterilized jar.


  1. Yum! Could I simply use it as a spaghetti sauce? Because I think that's what I'll do! There's so much spaghetti at my apartment... -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Look so yummy♥️
    Thank you for leaving such lovely comment on my recent post!
    I remember your post from Macau!


  3. This looks easier than I expected, I should try it!

  4. Yum! Looks so good and the sauce is so versatile -- good for pasta, pizza, sandwich spread, etc. !

  5. That looks sooo delicious and thanks for sharing the recipe! I am a tomato addict. I recently found organic marinara and it made my day :D

  6. Great stuff! I LOVE home made tomato sauce, I love mine with canned tomatos, fresh boiled ones, chopped onions, carrots and celery and dried herbs! Nothing eats it with a ton of pasta!


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