Almost last week ago when the sun was up and shining with temperatures above 22ºC. Me and girlfriend A. gratefully thanked to this gorgeous weather with summer clothing (woo bare legs!), happy city strolling and eating out lunch!

And the place to be is of course in Dutch town Middelburg!

For lunch I really wanted to try out a place called 'De Juf'. De juf is a Dutch word for the feminine form '
the teacher' and since I work as a teacher and my friend A. too, this café almost felt as a calling if not a calling to our foodie stomach. At De Juf we went savory and sweet, make sure to scroll down to check it out! 

Ongeveer een week geleden toen de zon nog volop scheen met temperaturen boven de 22ºC hebben ik en vriendin A. hier dankbaar gebruik gemaakt. Lekker in onze zomer kleren gingen op stap, winkelen en natuurlijk buiten de deur eten!

Dit keer zijn we naar Middelburg afgereisd.

Voor de lunch wilde ik héél graag bij 'De Juf' eten, want hoe leuk is die naam voor een restaurant! Ook niet zo gek want het is namelijk bedacht en opgericht door een echte lerares! En sinds ik ook als juf werk net als mijn vriendin A. voelt dit restaurant bijna als een roeping. En anders een roeping op onze hongerige buikjes. We hebben hartige als zoete dingen besteld. Kijk maar hier beneden voor nog meer!
Hover for

We Ordered 
1 mint tea
1 filtered coffee + cream

1 vegan spinach quiche
1 smoked salmon quiche

1 lemon meringue pie
1 date coconut bar
Daily, fresh and homemade
❝Our quiches

A quiche is a savory baked tart with eggs as main filling and De Juf has quite some choices to choose from. I picked the one with the smoked salmon and A. the vegan spinach one (both €7,50). I am wondering how it is vegan, perhaps the egg is replaced by tofu? Anyhow our both quiches tasted very delicious! I even think the vegan one that my friend A. has is even more tastier. Especially the crust which is crunchy and so buttery in a good (or bad) way! The quiche dish came with a nice bowl of fresh salad and vegetable chips, yum!
Beautiful old Dutch school interior
These chairs reminds me of my own elementary school time.
❝Our desserts

De Juf has amazing homemade looking cakes and pies and it would be odd for me (especially me) to not taste their sweet menu. After a long time deciding I picked the lemon meringue pie. My girlfriend A. couldn`t choose between the brownie and the date-coconut bar.
I`ve told her that she should pick the bar one because she always pick the brownies and so eventually she followed my advice.
My lemon meringue pie is gorgeous and the lemon curd is great and not too sour either. The rest of that afternoon I was still thinking for another slice, ha. I also tried the date-coconut bar one which is good too and my friend A. agrees!
*nomnomnom* like my glutton face?
ADDRESS: Sint Janstraat 32 4331 KC Middelburg - THE NETHERLANDS
Food:  4/5 
Service: ♥ 4/5
Interior:  4/5
Price:  4/5


  1. The desserts look so good! I love the hover for the flatlay picture :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Love the interior of that restaurant (you made the right dessert decision)

  3. I would be all for skipping straight to dessert haha!

  4. Love the interior and the food looks so delicious! Especially the dessert :)

  5. All the food looks super yummy and delicious

  6. I know that there is "vegan" eggs (maybe how they make the quiche vega) but I am not sure what that is.. I guess some kind of soy?

    Looks amazing!

    nat - dignifiable

  7. Yummy!!! I would love a salmon quiche right about now! I love quiches in general and the thought of the coconut bar and the lemon meringue pie makes me dizzy! I really just want some cake about now!


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