It is fine to get your drivers license at 26!


Yay! I am super happy because last week I finally got my hands on my drivers license. I didn't got it back then when I was 18 (Dutch lawful age to drive) and you may call me late and old for getting a drivers license now but I am fine with it! Back then it wasn't necessary for me to able to drive or to have a car.

My dad was my driver all along the way and I was independent mobile myself with this student OV chip pass that allows me to use public transport for free (free!) in The Netherlands. Sigh, one of the perks of being a student. But now I have my drivers license this upcoming periods is gaining experience on the road, vroom!

Yay! Ik ben heel erg blij want vorige week kon ik eindelijk mijn rijbewijs ophalen! Ik ben niet wezen lessen toen ik 18 werd en je mag me gerust oud en laat noemen maar ik vind dat helemaal niet erg! Toentertijd was een rijbewijs halen of een auto nemen niet noodzakelijk.

Mijn papa was mijn chauffeur en daarnaast had ik nog mijn handige OV chipkaart die ik ontzettend mis. De OV chipkaart was toch een van mijn favoriete voordeeltjes van student zijnde. Maar nu ik mijn rijbewijs op zak heb, is de komende tijd gewoon lekker rijden en ervaring opdoen. Vroem! 

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voor Nederlandse
- It took my 2nd attempt to pass but I`ll take it! My 2nd time was a lot relaxing than the first time. I was nervous and to make it worse my instructor wasn`t allowed to join as I was only stuck with the stern examinator. Gulp!
- I did pass my theory in one go though!
- I like driving on the highway more.
- I am pretty close with my instructors, we usually talk about food and recipes so yeah that is worth bonding.
- Still a novice: every now and then my car shuts down when I try to pull away and sometimes people honk...
Don`t worry I snapped this picture while I parked the car.


  1. Congrats!!! I feel like it's easier to get your license when you're younger, or at least people are more forgiving when you're younger, because they expect you to be a well-seasoned driver when you're older. I'm in college rn, and I should probably get my license soon! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Congratulations Mei!!! I think you will be a wonderful driver, you're way more mature to drive responsibly when you are older than 18. I got mine at 23 and Dani still hasn't got his driving license, he started a month ago though and he jokes about how he looks like a "dad" to the 18 (or even 17) kids there ;) hahahaha

  3. Yay congrats! I got my license when I was younger but I didn't build up much confidence to drive to unfamiliar places for a few years after that.

  4. Congrats! I was super independent as a teen and was itching to get behind the wheel so I could take myself places (then again I wasn't lucky enough to have good public transportation)

  5. nice!

  6. Congratulations!! People around me are getting their licenses left and right (last year of high school) so the pressure is kind of... on. On one hand I would love the freedom to drive anywhere, but I find it so scary too >_<

  7. Gefeliciteerd! En in 2 keer is toch hartstikke netjes?! Veel plezier ermee! :)

  8. Congratulations on getting your license! I waited a couple years to get mine, but it was very inconvenient because my city does not have very good public transportation. It's such a feeling of freedom to have a divers license! I also prefer driving on the interstate, it's a lot calmer and less going on.

  9. Proficiat! Toen ik net mijn rijbewijs haalde vond ik autostrades echt vreselijk. Ik vond het invoegen altijd zo'n hel en zo stresserend. Nu is dat gelukkig al gebeterd. Grappig dat jij dat net heel fijn vindt :D

  10. Congrats on getting your license, girl! You must be so excited! :D

  11. Haha! Congrats! I'm turning 22 this year but I haven't gotten around to doing any studying or testing yet! I really plan to learn to start driving by the end of this year when I plan to get back to studies and get my degree!

  12. congratulations! maybe a road trip in the works? :)


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