Yarnfood: Strawberry Tart & Crowns!


At my main IG, I have posted a picture with a handful of crochet strawberries! Thank you for the many likes that I have received, perhaps you knew what I was planning to do with? Well I am about to reveal in todays post! It's a yarnfood (obvious) and one of my favorites out there actually and it's the small humble strawberry tart! Did you guessed it right?

Another thing I've been making lately are these adorable crowns. Because strawberries tend to taste the best in the summer and therefor deserves to be the kings queens of all summer fruits! Along with the watermelon, because I like to eat that too in a very hot summer. Anyway check both of works below here!


Op mijn IG pagina heb ik een foto geplaatst van deze gehaakte aardbeien. Dank jullie wel voor de leuke reacties hoor! Had je enig idee met wat ik van plan was? Ik zal het je in deze blogpost laten zien. Het is een yarnfood - namelijk een van mijn favoriete baksels bij elke bakker: de aardbeien vlaai! Daar kan je mij best voor wakker maken!

Daarnaast ben ik de laatste tijd druk bezig met het haken van kronen! Want aardbeien in de zomer heten namelijk niet voor niets de 'zomerkoningkoningin' genoemd! Scroll naar beneden toe om mijn werkjes diep in de detail de bekijken! 
de cursor
voor Nederlandse
Strawberry Tart


Yarn info
Strawberry: Durable Lifestyle Katoen, Phildar Coton 3 `giraffe`
Cream: Durable Lifestyle Katoen
Crust: Phildar Coton 3 `Cuivre`
Learn how to crochet a strawberry here:
DIY: Link!

I just had to get a real strawberry tart for comparison and of course to eat it!
Ever since I was little, the strawberry tart was always my favorite at all
Not really a yarnfood but these last couple of weeks I`ve been busy making crowns! It all started with the Dutch holiday `Kingsday` where I have made a handful of orange (Dutch national color) crowns and received many positive comments about it surprisingly. I even sold some of it too! People also encouraged me to create different colors too and so I did! And for them I have specially opened up a new onlineshop, feel free to check it out too!
Link: Here!
Fun for dress up parties, cosplay and sport match events!
Learn how to create these easy colorful flags too! The DIY is here:
DIY: link!
More yarn works here at my Ravelry


  1. The crowns rock - would be the cutest winter headgear!

  2. wow you are talented! co cute!


  3. The strawberries are so cute! Definitely one of my favorite fruits :)

  4. I saw your photo on Instagram! :D and I totally agree with Jane; completely obsessed with the crown :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  5. so cute i can almost eat it! :)


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