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A half year ago I got an Instagram like from Festella, also know as the Nutella Festival. Oh my, a Nutella themed festival! A rush came by with the speed of light and I impulsively ordered tickets for me and A. for this food festival event! Because a Nutella themed food festival, that's just a great place and excuse for your cheatday, am I right?

Yesterday was that cheatday. I wish the sunny weather of today exchanged with the weather of yesterday but  luckily it didn't rain. Please check out my whole festival happening below!

Een half jaar geleden kreeg ik op Instagram een like van Festella, ook wel Nutella Festival genoemd. Goeie genade een Nutella thema festival! Ik moet en zal hier bij zijn en heb gelijk spontaan tickets voor mij en A. besteld. Want een Nutella festival is gewoon een perfecte plek voor je cheatday, nietwaar?!

Gisteren vond die cheatday plaats. Als het kon, dan ruilde ik het zonnige weer van vandaag met die van gisteren. Gelukkig regende het niet! Scroll naar beneden toe voor het hele festival gebeuren!
de cursor
voor Nederlandse

In order to buy food, you have to buy the special `Festella` coins. Me and A. bought 12 coins (€33,- and a €10,- locker which we get €5,- from back deposit). Festivals are tend to be quite pricy overall and Festalla proofs it.
What to bring with
1. camera // 2. a notebook // 3. a pen // 4. lemon scented refreshing wipes // 5. blotting paper // 6. shades // 7. powerbank // 8. my handmade crochet crown // 9. chocolate cookies from M&S // 10. cleaning spray // 11. money // 12. my business card
Following the sweet scent and enter!
24 coins = ...
1x Nutella cupcake
2x chips on a stick
1x tuna pizza
1x vegetarian hamburger
1x coke
1x green tea ice tea
1x Dutch `poffertjes`
1x Nutella churros
1x mini Nutella
1x B-Ready Nutella
1x Nutella Go!
The first thing we got is this bad boy Nutella cupcake with Nutella on top and bits of nuts. A pretty yummy starter! Lets continue for more!
How sweet!
Our next food is something savory and that can taste awkward in the mouth when you just had a sweet cupcake. Luckily the waiting in the line washed down the sweet taste in our mouth! There was even a Nutella chips option too which I imagined it would taste weird so I stick with my regular, not out of the box choice: paprika and salt.
And it was yum!
At Grizzl I have ordered a vegetarian hamburger and it cost me 3 coins. The hamburger tasted really really good! My friend A. agrees too! Grizzl not only has food trucks but a shop too in Amsterdam.
» Link
A. got a tuna pizza which was yum but nothing really outstanding overall.
Here we shared `poffertjes` together which are typical Dutch mini pancakes and which I very very recommend ANYONE who comes to Holland to eat them. These poffertjes were honestly perfect: fresh, still hot and topped with fresh strawberries, yum.
Our last food was: Nutella churros where we stood a good 30 min in the line only to find out we were standing in the wrong line (the line for crêpes)! Grrr! It wasn`t really our fault because the stands were overflowing with people and there wasn`t a clear sign/banner of the selling food either. Eventually we got our churros (2½ coins). The churros were only just ok-nice because the churros were not freshly deep fried and the waiting didn`t really do the food good either.
Would I go back?!
Probably not. It`s been a fun first-timer but I`m not sure if I want to relive the Nutella thing again. I find it overpriced and the event was pretty small too. After all it was a first timer for me and for Festella so hopefully Festella have been writing notes for the better next time. Maybe if they make it into an Oreo festival
next year.......
Pssst, all the pictures were shot with OLYMPUS OMD E-M5 II camera.


  1. Omg everything looks like a dream come true, sooooo yummmmmmy!

    Gen | Raspberry Notes!

  2. That sounds like the most amazing festival EVER. Love all of your pics!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

  3. Oh gosh yum. But I agree, festivals etc are always so pricey! Also I enjoy my nutella on its own straight outta the jar haha.

  4. Haha, wat grappig dit.. Ik was daar ook om te filmen en zie nu mezelf in jouw fotoverslag! Ik heb zelf niet zoveel meegekregen van de prijzen en muntjes en heb alleen even snel tussendoor churros met nutella kunnen snoepen, maar voor de rest wat broodjes backstage. Maar ik heb inderdaad wel gehoord dat het eigenlijk veel te duur was. Jammer :(

  5. Oh my gawd. I understand not going back though. There is rarely any food I feel like I would wait in line for

  6. Omg, dream come true. I had no idea this was a thing and now I want to go. :)

  7. the poffertjes looks so delicious!! and omg those huge jars of Nutella! I remember when I visited Belgium years ago, it seemed like there were 5kg jars of Nutella EVERYWHERE! A Nutella festival is something I'd love to get in on. But I also see the downside of $$$ and crowds. Hmm, it'd be just as fun to hang out with friends and have a Nutella party in which we make our own Nutella creations! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  8. Oh my gosh this sounds like a dream!! I love nutella so much, I would want to eat EVERYTHING. I usually have to avoid buying nutella at all costs because I will eat the entire thing in one sitting, I can't stop myself. Haha!

  9. Why did I not know of this? All the best foods in one place *o* but pretty expensive indeed. It is a feast for the eyes through your pictures though :D

  10. Holy moly! SO MUCH FOOD! Looks amazing

    nat - dignifiable

  11. oh my gosh how delightfully amazing!!


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