'Festival de Veste' a food truck festival


Last week there was a foodtruck festival near my hometown called the 'Festival de Veste'. It's a free festival that was open for 3 days! I'm happy to see that food festivals are becoming more common thing here in Holland because they are one of my favorite to-go places.

Fesival de Veste is not a big festival rather a small cozy one with a handful of foodtrucks, handmade stands and craft, little kids activities here and there and a small theater show. We were also blessed with good weather too! Me, my dad and brother went to check it out and tried foods at 2 different trucks.

Vorige week was ik bij een food truck festival genaamd 'Festival de Veste'. De festival was gratis en was 3 dagen open! Allereerst ben ik blij om te zien dat zulke food evenementen steeds vaker te zien zijn in Nederland. Food festivals zijn namelijk een van mijn favoriete uitgaansplekjes!

Festival de Veste was niet groot, eerder een knus en kleinschalig concept maar dat geeft niet! Naast de foodtrucks was er veel te zien zoals: kraampjes met handgemaakte spul, kinderactiviteiten en live shows. Het weer was ook niet verkeerd! Ik, papa en broertje gingen op pad en probeerde 2 foodtrucks uit. 

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voor Nederlandse

@Honeypie ❤❤❤❤♡ 4/5

Blueberry white chocolate cake

At Honeypie I was going for their red velvet cake but it was sold out! Bummer. So my 2nd choice was this blueberry cake with white chocolate. Not a bad choice either! The cake is quite dense and heavy with a nice sour & sweet taste.
Lots of cute and creative looking trucks and trailers!
@Opgrold ❤❤♡♡♡ 2/5

At Opgerold (Dutch word for rolled up) I`ve ordered 1 portion of 5 pieces of falafel (€5) with homemade garlic sauce and chutney sauce. It was sadly quite disappointing snack and waste of money. The falafel looks so fresh and appetizing on the eye while in reality it taste bland. Their homemade sauces were not a bad thing though.


  1. I love food truck festivals!


  2. I love food festivals like these, despite the fact that they're usually quite pricey. Too bad the falafel wasn't any good!

  3. The food trucks is such a fun idea!


  4. Wow, such a variety of food. Food trucks are awesome! You are making me hungry just looking at this post. I would love if you shared this yumminess at out link party, Dishing it & Digging It. The party is live now...just add my link, so could be featured sometime. Sorry the falafel was disappointing.

  5. You always have the power to make someone go hungry even though they aren't! Haha. Oh that sounds fun and I'm wishing for one right now. Hooray for the good weather and the cake looks DELICIOUS! :)

  6. Free? Food? Two of my two favourite things! ;P Philly has food truck festivals too, though I haven't been yet! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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