Flying with Turkish Airline


Let me introduce you to the airline that has lift me up me from Amsterdam to Istanbul then finally to Hong Kong. Turkish Airline!

Honestly I was scared and stressed out to be flying with Turkish Airline and to have a flight transition at Istanbul because of the current restless situation that is terrorizing the country. We obviously booked the tickets before the chaos. It was 2:00 AM when we arrived in Istanbul and my worrisome got replaced by my own sleepyness and perhaps grumpyness too. All I want is to buy some Turkish Delight and get as fast inside the airplane to get some zzz's.    

Then it was 17:20 PM when we we arrived in Hong Kong.   

Deze vliegtuigmaatschappij bracht me vanuit Schiphol naar Istanbul en tot slot naar Hong Kong. Ik vloog namelijk met Turkish Airline!

Eerlijk is eerlijk, ik was bezorgd om met Turkish Airline te vliegen, want we hadden een vlucht stop in Istanbul. We weten ondertussen hoe chaotisch het land is met allerlei terreur dus bezorgd was ik zeker. We boekte de tickets voordat de chaos in het land brak, zucht. Maar goed we arriveerde om 2:00 AM en mijn bezorgdheid werd inmiddels vervangen door moeheid en een tikkeltje chagrijn. Ik wilde wat Turks Fruit kopen en vliegensvlug in de vliegtuig stappen en gaan slapen.

Toen was het 17:20 PM en we zijn in Hong Kong.

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

Killing 10 hours time
I also watched Zootopia on the airplan and man, what a lovely movie! I have re-atched the last 30 min. part at least twice already. A total recommendation!
Yes please!
We received a nice goodiebag in our 2nd flight after transition. O boy! Such a luxury! Inside this bag contains a pair of slippers (lifesavers), sleeping mask, earplugs, socks (with rubber soles), toothbrush and toothpaste and lipbalm. O boy o boy such a pampering! Even in the economy seat.

For the air meal I have requested a vegetarian meal which is: pasta in tomato sauce and a little bit of cheese. Then there are two side foods in little bowls: fruit and hummus. The pasta was really bad. Some pasta were undercooked and some were dry. The hummus was weird, it tasted to nutty but I do appreciate the
fresh fruit bowl which is the only bowl I finished completely.

After the meal, I got really really REALLY stomach ache and cramps. And the thought of being stuck in the sky in a flying aluminium tube where the only escape is this teeny tiny toilet is not fun. Luckily the stomach ache went away by itself, whew,
but I am so blaming the
horrible pasta for all of this.
The coffee smelled good but was not strong enough.
The very first thing I got in HK is this rose latte from 7-Eleven. It was nice but I shouldn`t have added extra sugar because it was sweet already...


  1. I love that first photo! omg they had zootopia on the plane? I still have yet to watch it, and I want to watch it so badly!! I'm at the airport right now and am about to board my flight to Rome (with a layover in NYC first). hopefully my flight will offer zootopia as well! I also and super late on watching deadpool -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. I have also booked a long flight with Turkish and I am really stressed about Istanbul transition. It's a relief to read from you that everything was good there. About the airlines I have heard from friends that is one of the best in the world! I wish you have a great time in Hong Kong and show us beautiful pictures :)

  3. Ohhhh, Turkish Airlines are doing pretty good business nowadays - despite the whole situation in Turkey. By the way, die nederlands/engelse tekst met mouseover is zo goed!! ;)

  4. Omg de Batman vs Superman zakje! Gelukkig heb je een veilige vlucht gehad :) Have lots of fun in Hong Kong!!


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