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Yaaay, just had enough free time left to squeeze this blogpost into my blog before I catch my plane to Hong Kong! #bloggingisserious. Have a quick and short peek below about my this week Friday! 

Yaaay, had net genoeg tijd om deze blogpost in mijn blog los te laten voordat ik mijn vliegtuig pak richting Hong Kong! #bloggenisserieus. Bekijk en lees hieronder over mijn vrijdag van deze week!

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
10:00 AM // get my artfuel going
I was the first customer at Kaldi café that morning! I have actually ordered coffee with a biscuit first and then this lovely mint tea. Nothing gets me more productive than having caffeine inside my body and being at a café. Spend a good 2 hours before heading for lunch!
12:00 PM // lunch with coworkers

I have met up with my colleagues for lunch. I had: baguette with egg salad. It was yum yum!
15:00 PM // being grateful

This week was also my last work week before I can official start my Summer holiday, yay! This week I have received my `thankyouteacher` gifts from my students but also gifts from my dearest coworkers too. Flowers are cliché gifts but they always light up my spirit every time someone brings me flowers!
15:30 PM // packing
The rest of the afternoon to evening I was busy packing things up and getting ready for Hong Kong! I`ll see you guys very soon! Of course from outta Hong Kong!td>


  1. Oh waaauw Hong Kong, wat gaaf zeg. Have fun!!

  2. Have an amazing time in Hong Kong, and safe travels!

    Jane / deluminators

  3. That tea looks really yummy, it has me crazy a delicious tea really bad! And such pretty flowers.. I hope you have a great time in Hong Kong!

  4. A cafe is a great way to start the day! Aww I remember how students always give teachers gifts, but that seemed to stop in high school in college! Poor high school teachers and college professors :P Have a great time in HK! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  5. Wow, that is one impressive collection of gifts! Can't wait to here about your adventures in Hong Kong! :)

  6. That suitcase is life! Getting presents is always fun. No matter what the gift, you'll always feel loved because someone took some time to get you something <3 <3 Also, have fun in Hong Kong! I'm sure you'll have lots of delicious food ^^

  7. That mint tea and your illustration are so great!
    I can't wait your Hong Kong report :)



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