Hello Hong Kong my old friend


Hello Hong Kong my old friend, I've come to eat with you again! 

It's my 4th day in Hong Kong and my jetlag is still not fully disappeared but luckily my appetite is healthy and present. My first food in Hong Kong was tea restaurant (茶餐廳) food because those are delicious and cheap and they have my precious milk tea in HK style. I have missed and love that drink so much!

Furthermore I've been meeting up with my family again, buying necessities for my apartment and living in HK and noticing how everyone is hooked on Pokemon Go app game. I myself am only level 8. What about you?   

Hello Hong Kong my old friend, I've come to eat you with you again!

Het is alweer dag 4 in Hong Kong en mijn jetlag is nog niet helemaal weg maar gelukkig niet mijn eetlust. Mijn eerste eten in HK is namelijk eten van 'thee restaurant' (茶餐廳), want die zijn goedkoop én lekker en ze hebben mijn favoriete drank: melk thee in HK stijl. Héérlijk!

Verder heb ik ook weer mijn familie gezien en met hen samen veel gegeten uiteraard. Ik heb her en der gewinkeld en zie ook hoe geliefd het Pokemon Go app spel is hier. Ik ben zelf level 8. En jij?

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
The other thing that I missed from HK is the night view.


  1. Gah, so jealous of your food adventures. And HK is on my list of places to visit.. at some point.. when I have time. Sigh.

  2. Eeee, all that HK food looks amazing! I want to visit again so badly. I myself am only level 4 in Pokemon haha, I played for a little bit before giving up :p

  3. Yes!! HK comfort food and milk tea <3 I don't have Pokemon Go because I'm worried I'll get too addicted :o -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. Ah Hong Kong! No I dont play Pokemon Go, must be one of the few people. Do you think it has changed since you were last there?

    nat - dignifiable

  5. Have an amazing time!! Loving the photos, the food looks awesome.

  6. Have fun! Hope you get over your jet lag soon!

  7. Omg those hello kitty toys!!!! I want those suits for my own toys! EEEE.


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