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Last week Friday me and my dearest colleagues had dinner together at tapas restaurant 't Zusje. 't Zusje means 'little sister' in Dutch and I'm still not sure why they named it 't Zusje but 't Zusje has many other sisters (chains) too and they are all tapas restaurants where you can eat unlimited! I'm a foodie by heart so I had a feeling that I'd feel right at home at 't Zusje and it was.

Now if you expect to have real tapas like the ones in Spain then you're wrong (bummer) but it's ok because their menu is very varied from Italian to even Asian dishes! To my surprise a pretty long list of vegetarian dishes too. Amazing! Please check out the foods below quickly! 

Vorige week vrijdag heb ik heerlijk met collega-lief gegeten bij tapasrestaurant 't Zusje. Ik heb nog steeds geen idee waarom 't Zusje heet en ze hebben nog meer zusjes (filialen) in Nederland. Je kunt er terecht allemaal voor lekker onbeperkt tapas eten! Geweldig! Vooral omdat ik een foodie ben en het was ook niet gek en voelde gelijk thuis bij 't Zusje.

Als je dacht dat het echte Spaanse tapas zijn dan heb je het mis. Het is eerder een mix van allerlei keukens want zo heb je Italiaans maar ook Aziatisch tapas! Tot mijn verassing ook een lange lijst met vegetarische gerechten. Geweldig! Kijk snel hier beneden naar wat ik allemaal besteld heb!
de cursor
voor Nederlandse
Unlimited tapas eating for less than 30 bucks!
How it works: every guests can order per round 2 dishes maximum of anything you like from their menu. You can even start with a dessert if you like!

Drinks not included in the price.

Placemat = menu. Plus you can cross the food you have ordered too.
I have ordered:
Round 1
Vegetable croquette: delicious! And nostalgic because it reminded me of the one I always get at my uni canteen. The remoulade sauce was yum too. The tuna carpaccio with sesame dressing and wasabi mayonnaise was lovely too. The tuna tasted really fresh!
Round 1: good start!
Round 2
For the 2nd round we have crayfish ravioli in lobster sauce. This dish was average and it tasted really salty and cheesy. Where was the lobster taste? The pasta itself was nicely cooked but at the end I didn`t recommend my coworkers to try this dish out. My 2nd dish of this 2nd round is their tomato risotto and tasted a lot better! Good creamy texture and flavor, though I had to spice it up with table pepper.

Round 2: 50% passed
Round 3
Here we have grilled butterfish with pepper tapenade and a potato thingie. A very good dish! A small dish too because the main thing which is the fish is teeny tiny comparing to the tapenade. The 2nd dish is garlic mushroom with a soaking piece of bread. A creamy rustic dish, great for vegetarians!

Round 3: starting to feel full...
Round 4

I really want to save stomach space for desserts and luckily I wasn`t the only coworker who thought of that. My first dessert round: Crème brûlée with butterscotch ice cream and a raspberry sorbet with fresh fruit. The crème brûlée didn`t `cracked` unfortunate. Maybe the cream on top soaked the crunchy sugarcoating but it tasted delicious anyway. The raspberry sorbet was a refreshing one and the reason I`ve picked it:
to reset my palette.

Round 4: eager
Round 5
The dessert list has many choices and after my 1st dessert round my mission was to try them all out. That of course failed but I got the chance to taste: sjoom and the nougatine mousse.
Yes, what is `sjoom`?! No one knew at my table but it turns out to be a scoop of vanilla ice cream in orange juice. So good!! Glad to pick this surprise dessert.

The nougatine mousse was also good and heavy.

Round 5: why I am a sweet tooth
Round 6
The 6th and final round, I decide to end it with a cappuccino ice cream and a `Bastogne` parfait with caramel. On both desserts no flaws to mention about! I even think that the `Bastogne` (which is a sweet spicy Belgian biscuit) parfait may be the best dessert of all! So my record is 6 rounds at `t Zusje. Maybe I`ll will surpass it in the future #glutton!

Round 6: happy and full but not to full
OMG! Learn how to make the 'Bastogne parfait' here at their own website!
Me and my fellow colleagues finished our evening with a cup of tea or coffee to basically wash everything down. It also came with this box with goodies such as tea biscuits, chocolates etc. inside!
Address: Blokstallen 2 4611 WB Bergen op Zoom - THE NETHERLANDS

Food: ♥♥♥♥ 4/5
Service: ♥♥♥♥ 4/5
Interior: ♥♥♥♥ 4/5
Price: ♥♥♥ 3/5


  1. I love how half of your meal was savoury and the other half was all desserts :D It's a smart idea to limit customers to two items per round; it's so easy to order too much food when you're at a buffet and then waste a lot at the end. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Dessert before the main meal, that's my kind of style! Creme brulee looks soooo good. I think it's good that it's a smaller portion too, I've had restaurants serve HUGE portions and I can't finish it... or maybe it was meant to be shared, ha!

    becky ♡ star violet

  3. No matter that it doesn't taste like authentic but that is a really good price for unlimited food!

    Nat - Dignifiable

  4. Ooooh, ik word altijd blij van je restaurant-reviews. Ziet er goed uit!!!! Hier ga ik zeker een keer eens kijken! Of bij de andere zusjes :o :p

  5. Hoi Ice Pandora,

    Bedankt voor het plaatsen van jullie leuke bericht!
    Fijn om te lezen dat jullie zo genoten hebben!

    't Zusje Tapas


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