My Food Diary 2


With Summer arrived save and sound now it is also needed to  create a more suitable summer body and keep fit. I do that by eating the right food. However it might be tough to keep fit since I'm going to Hong Kong this summer.

You can't deny but Hong Kong is a food paradise. And do I care that I might not be keeping fit? Just a little bit. Don't worry I will eat good, trust me! And I do my every day morning yoga too! See, that's what I call balanced eating and staying healthy!

I made a little recap of my last week eating: a food diary! It's quite a balanced one too, check it out!  

Met de zomer al in de hand daar hoort ook natuurlijk de bijbehorende zomerlichaam en fit zijn en blijven erbij. Ik doe dat door goed te eten. Alhoewel, ik ga deze zomer naar Hong Kong toe en ik betwijfel of ik fit zal blijven.

Hong Kong is nou eenmaal een food walhalla dus eigenlijk kan ik er weinig aan doen. Ik hou van eten en ietsjes minder fit zijn, dat is absoluut niet erg! Ik doe nog steeds yoga iedere ochtend, de ene keer 5 min. en de andere keer een uur. Kijk, als dat nou niet een gebalanceerd levensstijl is!

Wat ook op balans is, is mijn eet dagboek van vorige week, bekijk ze eens hieronder! 

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

A balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner

porridge // sandwich spread with knäckebröd toast, paprika, sweet potatoes and cherry tomatoes // spaghetti in tomato sauce

Coffee and pineapple bun with red bean paste filling // a salad with 1 boiled egg // white bean puree with baked vegetables from the oven

yogurt with honey, black sesame powder, blueberries, granola and haw flakes // a pain aux raisins // fried curry rice

soymilk and cornflakes // 2 sandwiches with cherries, cherry tomatoes and cucumber // stir fried noodles

soymilk and cornflakes // a fruit salad // eating out at `t Zusje (more coming soon!)
cantaloupe melon // a grilled cheese in Dutch style // baked egg in green paprika, couscous and dorado fish
quark with honey, nuts and raisins // couscous salad with shrimps // creamy spaghetti with corn and a fresh egg yolk
» Food diary 1


  1. These meals look so good! Oh gosh, if I went back to Hong Kong, my diet would TANK. Egg waffles, bubble tea, and more street food every dayyyy -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Look so yummy!

  3. Your meals look so varied, colourful and delicious!

  4. I've never tried haw flakes in muesli! I need to give it a go, haha.

    Jane / deluminators

  5. All foods are very great and cute!
    Especially the egg peeping through the whole of green paprika in Saturday's dinner is lovely :))
    Have a nice vacation in Hong Kong!!


  6. Food in hong kong is amazing! Albeit not always the healthiest. Mmm how long are you going for? Also when are you going?? I am heading there briefly! if it coincides would love to meet up!

    nat - dignifiable

  7. Wow what a wonderful week of food eating! I tried to pick a favorite day but could not!

  8. Mmmmmm what a great reminder that I have all these eggs I need to eat!


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