A day in Amsterdam


A little non-accurate holiday post but a post about me when I was still in Holland. In Amsterdam to be specific! It was actually the same day when me and my girlfriend A. went to Festella food festival (fuller post here) together but we of course also paid a visit to our capital city.

Amsterdam is not a city we go to very often because 1. it's pretty far for me to get there (for Dutchy standards) and 2. Amsterdam can be super crowded with tourists. So my Dutch city trip getaways are usually Rotterdam or Utrecht. But since we barely go to Amsterdam, it was quite a refreshing getaway that day!


Vandaag een niet zo vakantie gerelateerd post, maar een post over ons kikkerlandje. Amsterdam om precies te zijn! Het is dezelfde dag als de dag dat ik en A. naar Festella food festival gingen (volledige post hier) en naast het food festival gingen we natuurlijk een stedentripje doen.

Mij zie je nauwelijks in Amsterdam, want 1. het is best ver voor mij om daar te komen en 2. Amsterdam kan soms erg overvol raken met toeristen. Mijn stedentripjes binnen Nederland zijn daarom vaak Rotterdam of Utrecht. Maar omdat we niet vaak naar A'dam gaan, was deze stedentrip weer eens wat anders en daarom leuk!

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
a 2,5 hour train journey
Hello A`dam!

A little froyo stop at Frozz. A tad overpriced but quite yummy fresh froyo.
Quality handsome street artists and entertainers.
That day the Dutch child movie `Meester Kikker` (literally translate: Master Frog) was premiering and anyone who went to see this movie dressed up in green! I saw some kids dressed up as a cute frog too!
That day I`ve discovered Søstrene Grene, a Danish brand and a budget shop. I have never heard of this shop before but I fell in love with Søstrene Grene straight away, especially their DIY & craft corner. Here I was hoarding on yarn because it was cheap! My friend A. bought yogurt cups and food. Usually with budget shops they tend to have a tacky shop interior but not with Søstrene Grene. The concept reminds me a bit of Flying Tiger.
A small haul.
We bought take away Vapiano food (I had whole wheat spaghetti with spinach and shrimp) and Starbuck drinks and had dinner in an almost empty train. Pretty nice if you ask me.


  1. haha the "I'm not a blogger" shirt :P I've never visited Amsterdam before, but I must admit that I do want to visit and be a tourist there once! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


  3. Amsterdam looks like a fun and exciting city, I would definitely love to pay it a visit one day!

  4. Amsterdam is zooo leuk. Ik kan er echt geen genoeg van krijgen.

  5. Looks like you've had an amazing time in Amsterdam! I really want to go one day.

    Hannie from Missing Wanderer.

  6. Sounds like you had a nice day! I love Amsterdam (although I do contribute to the tourist congestion haha).

    Jane / deluminators

  7. what a lovely travel diary! Europe has that flair that makes it so attractive to travel to. I went to Amsterdam once and really loved it, people were so nice and every corner was beautiful. not to mention the history my country Indonesia has with the Netherlands. love your travelling looks btw!

  8. Love those little crowns you made and what a fun day trip. I'd love to do something like that

  9. Looks like a lovely trip you had!


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