A Dutchy Lunch in HK, ja!


My friend Desi said that she wanted to try out Dutch food.In Hong Kong.Yikes! Where o where shall I begin this mission at. With Google of course and thanks to that, Google led us to a dining place called The Orange Tree. It happens to be the only restaurant in HK that specializes in Dutch food, or at least that's what Google search showed me.

Me being a born and raised Dutch person, going to a Dutch restaurant outside Holland isn't really on my top priority list but since my friend D. wanted to try it out, heck why not. On the other hand I was kind of curious of how Dutch the food at The Orange Tree is. Scroll down and check out our lunch date below!


Mijn vriendin Desi zei dat ze Nederlands eten wilde proberen. In Hong Kong. Ai. Waar o waar moet ik beginnen met deze missie? Uiteraard met een Google zoekactie en die leidde me naar een restaurant genaamd The Orange Tree - oftewel De Oranjeboom. Wat leuk! Blijkbaar is het ook de enige restaurant in HK dat specialiseert in Hollands eten.

Ik ben een geboren en getogen in NL en wanneer ik op vakantie ga buiten NL, wil ik nou niet echt perse Hollandse voer eten, maar sinds D. het wilde uitproberen, was het vooruit met de geit. Daarnaast begon De Oranjeboom me nieuwsgierig te maken, zal het eten hetzelfde zijn als in NL? Scroll naar beneden en bekijk het zelf!

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
We ordered:
1 `frikandel` and `kroket` in a bun
1 fish of the day (sole filet)
1 `poffertjes`
a cup of coffee and lemon ice tea
We attacked the appetizers buffet firstly and has various salads, greens, `bitterballen` and sliced baguettes and sauces.
This is what we got:
As you can see lots of veggies! Very healthy then. D. tried the `bitterbal` (deep fried minced meat) for the first time and she liked it.
Our main
`Frikandel` and `kroket` in buns

Me being Dutch myself I can tell that the lunch menu from The Orange Tree isn`t 100% Dutch. For example it has Italian food init which is absolutely fine but I was expecting a bit more Dutch. The `frikandel` and the `kroket` in a bun is one of the most Dutch food on the menu and that`s what D. got. She liked it! It reminded her of eating German sausages. The `frikandel is actually made of leftovers meat and turned into a sausage shape. The `kroket` is a deep fried minced meat/ragout that is also shaped into a sausage.
Sole filet with potatoes, tomatoes, mushroom and a remoulade sauce

Another typical Dutch food that you can find on most Dutch menu is the sole fish and I happen to like eating that too! This sole filet dish by The Orange Tree isn`t my usual Dutch sole fish dish and taste wise, it did not brought me back to The Netherlands unfortunate but it still tasted nice overall.
I did not like the sauce however.
Me and D. were pretty full at the end but we wanted to end our lunch with a Dutch dessert as well and so we shared: `poffertjes`! Poffertjes are mini fluffy pancakes in coin size and very typical Dutch. As you can see it was served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream which melted lovely on the warm poffertjes surface, yum!
Try out TOT other typical Dutch food:
- Black mussels from the province Zeeland with fries
- `Matjes` herring with Amsterdam onions
- North Sea baby shrimps with cocktail sauce
- Bitterballen (deep fried minced meat/ragout balls)
- `Hutspot` (carrot/potato/onion mash)
- Dutch style apple pie with vanilla ice cream
Where can I find this cute glass espresso cup and saucer?
Address: 5/F, Grand Progress Building15-16 Lan Kwai Fong, Central - HONG KONG

FOOD: ♥♥♥ 3/5
SERVICE: ♥♥♥ 3/5
INTERIOR: ♥♥♥♥ 4/5
PRICE: ♥♥♥ 3/5


  1. This sounds so interesting! I don't think I've ever tried Dutch food before, but I'd really like to :)

  2. Poffertjes are so cute haha! I don't know much about Dutch food but it looks really good.

  3. The dessert is my favourite! // Haha whenever I'm in HK, I try to eat as much local street food as I can :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. Yum, I do think I'd like traditional Dutch food

  5. The poffertjes looks delicious, especially with that vanilla ice cream!


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