Breathing In Hong Kong - Seven


Ugh, the weather in Hong Kong this week is pretty bad. Firstly there is a typhoon, secondly the heavy rain and thirdly the unstoppable humidity.

Luckily I still have a good night beauty sleeps everyday and happy meeting ups with family and of course friends! A couple of days ago when the weather was still fine in HK, I met up with an online friend Desi at Central and Kowloon. Pretty exciting to meet a friend in HK really!

I took her out for a Dutch lunch and after lunch we head over to see a movie and eat ice cream afterwards. Happy days in HK so far, despite the bad weather.

Ugh, het weer in Hong Kong valt niet mee deze week. Allereerst is er tyfoon gevolgd door hevig regen en natuurlijk de nog altijd hoge lucht- en vochtigheid.

Geen zorgen ik slaap er nog altijd goed doorheen. Deze dagen in HK heb ik weer met families afgesproken en ook vriendinnetjes. Ik sprak onder andere met Desi af bij Central en Kowloon in HK. Ontzettend leuk om een vriendin in HK af te spreken!

Ik nam haar mee voor een Nederlandse lunch en na de lunch gingen we film kijken en ijs eten. Ik heb niks te klagen in HK, ondanks het slechte weer. 

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

A fixture

Couldn`t start my day any better than with Mcdonald`s breakfast and coffee from McCafé.
Meeting up with Desi!

We met up in Kowloon district at a mall called `Elements`. A pretty fancy mall with lots of high end brands and rich mainlanders shopping their way where me and D. ain`t part of it. Instead me and D. just went window shopping, making jokes of some overpriced item, eat ice cream and watch
a movie!
Eating Dutch
Since D. never had Dutch food before, we grabbed lunch at `Orange Tree` which specializes in Dutch food. More of this soon in an upcoming post!
My €9,- student movie ticket
We went to see Finding Dory. Another great great animation film, I laughed and cried at the same time.
Häagen-Dazs is quite a pricy ice cream brand because I paid almost 5 bucks per scoop here, ouch! Anyways. It`s still a very good ice cream. Their hospitality was lousy though because we were not allowed to sit down on their seats and eat our ice cream unless we pay the extra 10% service charge. What?
"Hey, it looks like Iron Man!"


  1. Ah I cried when I watched Finding Dory too! Aw that last selfie is cute :) Hopefully the weather gets better soon! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Oh the humidity in HK! I felt like I was practically swimming there. And I definitely want to watch Finding Dory! 10% service charge for ice cream is crazy - HG lost a few points for me there. x

    Miho :: Wander to Wonder

  3. Ah! I am flying out for my trip tomorrow so will get to see you in a few weeks hopefully! The weather in Hong Kong is almost always horrid. Either so wet or humid or just hot! Or the smog

    nat - dignifiable

  4. Sorry to hear the weather has been dreadful, hopefully it gets better soon! It looks like you are having a great time though!

  5. i hope the weather has since cleared up!!


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