Heatwave Holland


Heatwaves in The Netherlands happens rarely and surprising. When I came back from HK, I was hoping to cool myself down a bit in the chill and windy Dutch weather but nope! I remembered it was 28ºC when I landed in Amsterdam and the whole week after was getting warmer and warmer to the point it was beyond 30ºC degrees!

Dutch weather is odd and there's not much you can do about it other than to keep yourself hydrated by drinking enough water, cool your mind down with ice cream and of course to dress well. Another rare thing is me posting an outfit/ootd blogpost. I have not been doing that in ages so to do an outfit/ootd blogpost again is kind of refreshing! From time to time of course.


Hittegolf in Nederland, dat gebeurd zelden en komt vaak als een verrassing en die kregen we deze week. Na mijn vakantie in HK hoopte ik op een verkoelend Nederlands weer maar nee hoor! Het was 28ºC toen ik weer op Schiphol landde en het werd steeds warmer in de loop van de week.

Wat doe je er tegenaan? Vooral veel vocht drinken, zo nu en dan een ijsje eten om je hoofd koel te houden en jezelf goed kleden natuurlijk. Over kleden gesproken, wat ook zelden gebeurd zijn mijn outfit/ootd blogpost want die doe ik haast nooit meer. Dus dat ik vandaag weer zo,n outfit/ootd blogpost doe is daarom verfrissend! Hopelijk dat het weer ook weer eens wat frisser wordt.

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

1. Crochet Crown: Ice Pandora // 2. One Piece: Perry Sport // 3. Shoulderbag: MINISO名創優品 // 4. Wide Leg Trousers: Global Work
One Piece
This is so not me. I`m wearing a one piece as top! And honestly I`m not regretting at all, especially when it`s 30ºC. Big part of the Summer is almost over already and this is the time where I usually check out the sales on swimwear! Here are my favorite shops:


  1. From the clouds you woildnt have guessed it was that hot there! That is such a gorgeous blush colour

    Nat - Dignifiable

  2. This skirt is so cute !


  3. The trousers are so pretty! I thought they were a skirt at first. You look lovely!

  4. Oh I love this outfit! The pink skirt looks cute! <333 -Dems | electrick cities

  5. Such a cute outfit! I don't wear bodysuits because it seems inconvenient to go to the bathroom, but also because I just personally enjoy wearing bigger, flowier clothing. Loving the skirt! And of course the crown :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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