Innisfree, my first timer!


When you're in Hong Kong you got to shop and buy something of course. By something like, Asian beauty brands that are not available in my country (The Netherlands) and yes I know you can order Asian beauty brands online nowadays but when you got the chance to enter a real flagship store, its so much more fun! And you might get great deals too. Like that day when I enter Innisfree shop for the very first time.


Wanneer je in Hong Kong ben, mag het shoppen natuurlijk niet ontbreken. Vooral het shoppen van Aziatische verzorgingsproducten want deze zijn haast onvindbaar in NL en ja, ja je kan ze online bestellen - I know - maar een echte winkelketen binnenstappen is veel leuker! En er zijn fijne acties. Net als die dag toen ik voor het eerst een Innisfree winkel binnenstapt.

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

Then there was a membership card

Because I have purchased at Innisfree for over X-amount of money, I was legally ok to sign up for their member club! I told the nice saleslady that I`m from EU and therefor perhaps not possible for me to sign up for the HK member club, but it was fine! I then received a present of a member starter kit of facial washes which I gave to my niece.
Innisfree Aloe revital
From the Innisfree Aloe revital line I got the: soothing gel 300ml and the sleeping pack 100ml.

That`s right a free gift on Innisfree Aloe revital line when purchasing 2 items! Thanks for this miniature special kit version!
Lets try it out!
a little review

I have learned something about my skin today thanks to a Holika Holika salesman but this story-haul is for the next time since this post is all about Innisfree. Anyway. I`ve been told that my skin is dry! Or at least not hydrated enough. Aloe vera is the key to diminish dry skin apparently and so I`ve been using the Innisfree Aloe Vera revital for 2 days now, and I have news.

Soothing Gel

I apply the soothing gel after I washed my face/body and I must say, my skin feels softer than usual in the next morning. Which is good! I also applied this gel on my face and not only it feels soft too but my pores seems to be smaller as well. I can`t wait to see what this gel will bring me in the future because I am liking what I see so far.

Sleeping pack

I have always wanted to try out a sleeping pack because I remembered everyone raved about Laneige `Water Sleeping Pack` product but I find it a bit pricey. The Innisfree Aloe Vera revital sleeping pack suits better to my budget. The result so far is minimum. Nothing spectacle happend nor no break outs/allergy reactions either which is good.

I am not really that fan-girling over this Lee Min-Ho dude trust me.


  1. ooh I love aloe vera! Their brand really showcases their organic aspects :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Girl, I hear you on the buying Asian beauty products online vs. actually going to a store. Not to mention that it may take weeks to ship :(
    I'm really curious about innisfree, I've heard many good things.

  3. If you're into BB cushions, the one from Innisfree is really really good!

  4. I've been using Innisfree's cushion pact for a month now and I love it!! At first I just wanted to try out the cushion hype, but now I'm regretting not hoarding refills. Haha.

    Caffeine Rush

  5. I also like that these are decent sizes - not too tiny!
    The brand was completely new to me until now...


  6. I quite like innisfree. My Korean friend first introduced me by this super yummy honey lipbalm. I now have their volcanic clay mask and am actually going to use up my green tea serum in my trip!

    Nat - Dignifiable

  7. If you're still there, you should try the innisfree bb cushion! I've heard quite a few good this about it.

  8. Ok, I was like "ok gotta write a comment that I now really wanna try innisfree and that I never heard of it" BUT THEN the picture with Lee Min-Ho appeared and I was grinning from ear to ear ha!! Fantastic!!

  9. I haven't tried Innisfree - I've been wanting to though :)

  10. That's so neat that you got the membership card!


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