Peek Into My Life 70


Have a peek into my life in Holland and Hong Kong from last month. I'm actually trying to clean up my SD memory card and gaining back some of my phone space because I have taken too many pictures (and films!) like I always do. So please enjoy a long scroll down below!


Neem een kijkje in mijn leven in Nederland en Hong Kong van afgelopen maand! Ik probeer namelijk mijn SD kaart op te schonen en wat ruimte in mijn telefoon te creëren, want ik heb alweer - niet al te verrassend - veel foto's (en films!) gemaakt. Veel plezier met het scrollen! 

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

From Holland
Enjoying the interview with Coldplay on television.
Handmade presents for my colleagues and attending grade 6 school musical.

A boy from grade 6 drew this beautiful rose for me. He knows how well I can draw and he was really worried about my opinion about his rose.
Catching up at a nice café, yes.
This is my aunts cat who passed away last week sadly.
This is called a `Little Free Library` and it is a super nice concept I think because it opens opportunity to free reading and saving the environment too. Read more about this global action down below:
» Little Free Library
Here I`ve ordered a hazelnut latte but it seems that `De BaristaBus` has forgotten to add the hazelnut flavor! The coffee overall tasted nice though.
» De BaristaBus
Festella food festival, read it all about here:
From Hong Kong
I miss this!
I`ve tried the apple crumble Mcfluffy (is ok), the pineapple pie (yum!) and the orange punch drink (refreshing!).
A vending machine with old fashion Asian beauty products.
Lovely and happy looking wooden music boxes! By Wooderful Life.
» Wooderful Life
These are Maltesers mochi, really good!
Peeking from my 10th floor apartment.


  1. Ah I miss Hong Kong so much, it looks like you had an amazing time there! So many excellent food spots! And I love that duster cardigan in your first photo too (:

  2. Brocolli on a cracker! Never tried that before, so many photos to go through I can only imagine

    Nat - dignifiable

  3. All great photos into your life Mei! It can be such a pain cleaning up to get space when you need it! x

  4. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)

  5. What a sweet boy! And you're a wonderful colleague with those handmade presents :D Also omg I need to try those Maltesers mochi :o -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  6. Ahh, thank you so much for telling us about the free little library! I've been wondering how those worked and now I finally do! It's just too cute. <3

    xx Mackenzie

  7. Whew you got a lot of photos in! And I just love free libraries

  8. i love that free little library!


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