This is Yau Ma Tei. Kinda


Yau Ma Tei in 5 words: crowded, markets, old, eventful, sell cheap kitchen tools (ok these are 4 words but alas) and my town to stay for the whole month here in HK. Below a quick photo log of YMT so far.

Yau Ma Tei in 5 worden: druk, markten, oud, roerig, verkoopt goedkope keuken spullen (ok het zijn er hier 4 woorden maar alé) en tevens mijn thuisbasis voor de hele maand in HK. Hieronder een snelle foto log van YMT dusver.

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

YMT station.
Tea eateries are my favorite budget food places in HK where you can eat Western and Eastern and fusion food. I usually go for a toast and milktea. My brother here went for rice and steamed fish. Anything is possible at 12 PM in HK.
Ok this is actually Tsim Sha Tsui
It is very doable to walk from Yau Ma Tei to Tsim Sha Tsui. At least to me then, my HK-family thinks I`m crazy to walk from Yau Ma Tei to TST but honestly it only takes 15-20 min to walk.
Here we went mall strolling and to use their AC.

For those who are interested, an old blogpost about Tsim Sha Tsui:
If you want real authentic and cheap tea eatery foods: go to Australian Dairy Company in Jordan. More of this soon!
This cute little building is near my apartment actually and it`s called `The Red Brick House`(紅磚房). It was once a former pumping station and nowadays holds the oldest pumping station title in HK.
Lets eat!/Sik fan!
For dinner we had Vietnamese food. Really good! And this place where we ate did not even charge for service charges! More of this soon!
Peace out sweat.


  1. How exciting that you're in HK for a whole month! I visited there a couple of times while my parents were based there, and it's such a unique and exciting place. Oh, the food is to die for - I'm looking forward to all your posts! x

  2. I remember this area! I'm pretty sure I stayed there or nearby but I can't remember. I remember it being a very busy place though! Anyway the food looks great, they're making me hungry haha.

  3. Haha a 15/20 minute walk is totally doable, but I'm not sure about doing it in the heat! What a trooper :) In Taiwan, my mom tells me that you see so many families at the mall, because they're all there to soak up the a/c ;) And YUM MILK TEA <3 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. omg definitely want to visit hk one day. i'm going to live vicariously through your posts for now

  5. Typical you - always the best food photos! :-)


  6. Oooo Hong Kong and all it's glorious food and Urban scene! I've visited once when I was a child but would love to go again! That dairy company is sooooo famous for their soft scramble, ham, toast...etc. I don't know I would much rather eat local chinese food when in Hong Kong but I totally get the hype! That steamed soy sauce fish looked great...I love steamed fish 'hong kong' style...always perfect with plain rice!


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