A cable ride through a smogfree HK


Escaping the buzzing HK citylife, me and my family went into nature. Ok, perhaps a touristy part of nature because we went to Ngong Ping area with another big attraction next to it, the Big Buddha. This screams for a dejavu moment, but unlike last time we took the Ngong Ping 360 cable cart ride. Fun! Added with a little excitement and adrenaline because  I really don't like heights and this was also my first ride on this thing.

Van de bruisende stadsleven van HK uitwijken naar het natuur. Nouja, het is wellicht een toeristisch natuurgebied want we gingen naar Ngong Ping met in de buurt een grote trekpleister namelijk de Grote Boeddha. Ik heb even een dejavu moment, maar in tegenstelling tot de vorige keer gingen we dit keer met de Ngong Ping 360 kabelbaan. Leuk! Met een beetje spanning en adrenaline want dit is mijn eerste keer ritje én hou ik daarnaast niet van hoogtes. 

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

Fly over mountains and seas
I am afraid of heights and it gives me goosebumps but yet I went on board on the Ngong Ping 360 cable cart ride. Such a daredevil aint I, ha. Trust me, we went really high! At the highest peak my ears popped and it was like being on the airplane but then in a cable cart. One single ride was about 20 min. long.
I remember we got discount because we own a HSBC bank card.
We sure picked a great day with great weather! Sadly there was no airco inside the cart...
Welcome to Ngong Ping Village!
Ngong Ping 360 cable cart ride is ticked off of my bucketlist! Right after we left our cart we entered Ngong Ping Village. This whole Ngong Ping thing is a very touristy thing located in Lantau Island and most likely it`s crowdy (especially in the weekends) but if you go like us, go in the late afternoon to avoid the crowd and a bit of the ray of hot sunlight. It does closes at 17:30PM so mind your time too.
Happy to see my big friend is still here. 3 years ago I went to visit Big Buddha.
Big Buddha
A story of a sweaty me and a smelly cow.

Dogs of Po Lin monastery
Catching the last 5:30 ride
Hey a hiking path underneath us! I`ll save this for next time HK.
No crystal glass floor :(
Apparently this bridge in the make is a bridge that connects Hong Kong with China someday.


  1. Ahh, HK looks so beautiful on a clear day :o I really wanted to see the Big Buddha when I visited last time but didn't get the chance!

  2. I love that cable car ride! It looks like you had really good weather for the day out.

  3. wow This place looks awesome! I would love to go there.


  4. Looks beautiful! I am super afraid of heights as well!

  5. You looks so happy to see a very big friend again!
    I really love the two photos!!!


  6. That's a gorgeous view (nice weather too!)


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