Color Buckat K-LIP #2 // FOOD TEST


I'm not a makeup guru but this lip tint by Color Buckat is pretty amazing when it comes in terms of longlasting.

I am not a makeup junkie either but I love to add some color on my lips from time to time. What makes a good lip product for me is: good pigment, hydrating and longlasting. The first two requests are usually easy to nail it but looking for a longlasting one that atleast holds the most of the day is hard. I have not found one yet. Maybe Hong Kong will be the place of where I'll end my search?

Hong Kong really awakens and brings out the makeup junkie (just a bit) in me. Even though my makeup haul is not that impressive, I was impressed with what beautyshops (so many!) has to offer in their selves. Partly I blame on the adorable packaging which Color Buckat is good at that part too.

I'm not an expert but I have tested the longlasting effect by eating and drinking throughout all day and the end result is here!    

Ik ben geen make-up guru, maar deze lip tint van Color Buckat is best fijn wanneer het komt op lang houdend/longlasting.

Ik ben ook geen make-up junkie, maar van tijd tot tijd wil ik graag een kleurtje op mijn lippen. Wat voor mij een goede lip product maakt is: goede pigment, hydraterend en longlasting. De eerste twee verzoekjes zijn vaak snel met voldoening gevonden, maar eentje die lang houdt voor minstens een halve dag is lastig. Misschien biedt Hong Kong de uitkomst voor mijn zoektocht.

Hong Kong haalde toch de make-up junkie in mij naar boven, ook al was het met mate. Mijn make-up aankopen stelde niks voor maar wat er in de schappen van de make-up winkels liggen, blijven me imponeren. Grotendeels denk ik dat het ligt aan die té schattige verpakkingen. Ook Color Buckat slaagt goed op dit gebied.

Ik ben geen expert maar ik testte de longlasting effect uit doormiddel van lekker eten en drinken, de hele dag door en de resultaat mag er zijn!  

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

Good morning puffy right-eye.
It`s not Color Bucket but Color Buckat
I`ll have to admit that I`ve read their brand name wrongly but honestly it could be Color Bucket too because the logo is quite confusing don`t you think? Anyway, it`s Color Buckat and for the record it`s a cute name!
Some swatch and smudge tests and it`s quite impressive!
Sold at Sweetmay: beauty shop in HK (HKD 99).
Applied and ready to eat!
First test round: breakfast
For breakfast we had yam-cha, leaving my lips oily at the end but still holds a vibrant color. I have pressed my lips together to even out the color again.
Lunch time
Takoyaki and egg puff waffle!
So far so good! Not to mention the delicious lunch as well.
A little stain.
Afternoon snack & coffee
The color is clearly not vibrant as in the morning anymore but still with zero reapplying!
At last, dinner
@Taiwan Kitchen
My final test is a noodle soup with results that another layer of color on my lips have faded away. The photo was taken right after I finished my bowl and the lightning in the restaurant was not the greatest so therefor sorry for the bad looking picture.
At the end, there`s still quite some colors left on my lips.
Before cleansing
What a difference but not entirely like a night and day one. The colors obviously have faded a good half of it but the colors that were remained are still noticeable and that to me is a fine result and a good lip tint. With zero reapplying throughout all day!
I am also pleased with the fact that it didn`t dry out my lips!

The only onlineshop so far that sells these lip tint is at their own website.
They show a lot more availability in colors than what the shop Sweetmay: had offered.

Testing this lip tint with food was obviously a fun day. I might have found a great (not perfect) lip tint so far that is longlasting enough.
Do you use lip tints too and if you have tips and tricks for me, I am all ears!
☀ 4/5


  1. Looks reasonably good though! It fades away quite nicely and hasn't chipped away or anything gross like that.

    Nat // dignifiable

  2. LOVE this lip colour!

  3. Any excuse to eat more food! :D The egg waffle looked soooo good! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. Nice lip color everything looks great.

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  5. love this! so cute, and the color is fabulous! need to get my hands onone

  6. It's so cute! And what a good color!

  7. Looks like it stayed put for most of the day! Another plus is that it doesn't look like it dried out your lips like some lip stains can do!

  8. loved the way you reviewed this!

  9. That's seriously impressive and the colour looks good on you as well


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