From AM to PM With Me - Hong Kong


Another walk through of another day in throwback-Hong Kong. A Bliss.


Even weer terugblikken op een van mij dagen in Hong Kong. Heerlijk.

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voor Nederlandse

10:30 AM // yoga and food
Sit crossed legged, side plank and 3-legged downward dog poses and a well earned breakfast.
1:00 PM // lunch

Tsuen Wan - Hong Kong

Meeting up with big aunt, aunt, niece for a big vegetarian lunch in Tsuen Wan.
3:45 PM // getting bubble tea
After lunch we head to Sha Tin town for bubble tea at Gong Cha and as always there was a line.
5:00 PM // shopping
New Town Plaza mall - Sha Tin - Hong Kong

Town Plaza used to be a mall where I like to go to but nowadays it`s insanely populated.
6:40 PM // sushi for dinner!
Then it was time for dinner. I also cut my niece hair because she found an uneven length of a hairpiece ha.
8:00 PM // caffeine and more window shopping
Adooorable Cath Kidson stuff!
After dinner we continued our way in the New Town Plaza mall. I also got myself a matcha green tea latte at Pacific Coffee. It taste less sweet and more bitter and watery than the one from Starbucks. Interesting.
9:30 PM // going home
Hot, sweaty and tired.


  1. Sounds like fun! Any day that involves Gong Cha has to be a good one :)

  2. Beautiful Yoga poses!!!
    Mei, you are so fantastic lady!



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