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Another day in Hong Kong passing by. When I was in Hong Kong I usually get up around 8/9 am in the morning which is to me quite early especially when you're on holiday. But being in Hong Kong is precious to me and all the days, hours and minutes counts so the early you get up the better.

Anyway, a day in Hong Kong where me and my family were strolling around the touristy Mong Kok area: flowermarket and the bird street market. Have you ever been there before?

Alweer een dag in Hong Kong gepasseerd. Wanneer ik in Hong Kong was, stond ik meestal al om 8/9 am op en dat is best vroeg als je op vakantie ben. Hong Kong is een speciaal plekje voor mij en daarom zijn alle dagen, uren en minuten heel kostbaar. Dus hoe eerder je op staat hoe beter!

Maar goed, zoals ik al zei, alweer een dag in Hong Kong. Dit keer struinden we af rondom de wijk van Mong Kok die vrij toeristisch is. We gingen naar de vogelmarkt en de bloemenmarkt, ben je daar weleens geweest?

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

Illusion bob.
9:00 AM // buying fruit
Green tea and a banana to start the day!
10:00 AM // brunch
An eggtart at my dads, fishballs from the street and a healthy herbal soup at 潘芳堂 (Poon Fong Tong).
Curry fishballs for just 10HKD, yum!
I always walk pass by this herbal soup/tea shop and it always smells incredible good! Me and my aunt grabbed a soup whom I forgot what it was again but it was bitter and sweet. Love their oldskool tables and chairs too.
14:00 PM // flower market @Mong Kok
Looks like mini tomatoes doesn`t it?
16:00 PM // bird street markt @Mong Kok
We kind of took a touristy route where we walked from the flower market to the bird street market.
We were kind of on the late side and most of the bird shops at the bird street market were closed or were about to close. Luckily we have spotted some beautiful birds like these parrots!
19:00 // PM // dinner at Tsuen Wan
Days seems to be shorter in the summer of Hong Kong as the sun goes down already at 18:00 PM. Anyway dinner with aunties, uncles and cousins at a restaurant whom the name I forgot.
We ordered quite a lot of food (typical Chinese) and one of the food that I like a lot is this crab meatball!
After dinner we all went for a walk. Me and my cousin were playing Pokemon Go and it was quite fun but we both end up deleting the game anyways. I was level 8 and found my favorite Pokemon which were: Pikachu, Jigglypuff and Evee.


  1. Your illusion bob is so cool! :D // omg your brunch looks sooooo delicious T_T Makes me miss Asia so much -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. The flower market is so beautiful! I wish we had something similar in Toronto. :(
    Thanks for sharing! <3

  3. Ohh die vogeltjes markt ben ik ook geweest, was superleuk! Volgens mij heb ik toen ook ergens zo'n bekertje visballetjes gehad, in ieder geval in een straat waar ze héél veel visjes in plastic zakjes verkochten. Zoveel te beleven in HK! x

  4. This sounds like a day full of such fun activities!


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