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Today's post will be all about my purchases that I've made in Hong Kong! I guess I can be a vain person as well and that is something I can't do much about it. I just like to shop! Luckily I usually make purchases that I actually need in life or are on sale. I'm all about the sales as well.

Everyone needs food right so of course I had to buy food. I also bought handy kitchen tools because good cooking is important to me. Another thing that is important to me is good skincare so I've also purchased some new beauty products for care and a little pampering as well. And lastly some nifty handy gadgets and stationery stuff, just to make working comfier!

De blogpost van vandaag gaat over mijn aankopen uit Hong Kong! Het straalt misschien ijdelheid uit maar dat is iets waar ik ook weinig aan kan doen. Ik ben nou eenmaal dol op winkelen. Gelukkig koop ik meestal dingen die ik echt nodig heb of zijn ze in de aanbieding.

Iedereen heeft eten nodig dus kocht ik uiteraard eten. Ik kocht daarnaast ook handige keukenhulpjes want essentieel koken is prioriteit. Een goede huidverzorging is ook prioriteit dus kocht ik ook nieuwe verzorgingsproducten. Een beetje jezelf verwennen mag ook wel. Tot slot heb ik handige gadgets en schrijfwaren gekocht, want die zorgen ervoor dat ik goed mn werk kan doen!

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
When I`m abroad, my mission in finding new food is even greater and so in HK I was having fun time in 7-Eleven, Circle-K, Wellcome, Aji Iciban and food festival `Food Expo` (more about this soon!).
Really happy with that glass pan!
All Asian brands. Happy to be able to try out new stuff! Like the Hada Labo lotion and face wash, Tony Moly sheetmasks and The Face Shop eye cream.
Me and my niece discovered a Tony Moly outlet and bought lots of cheap stuff like this cutie here.

The cute looking cotton pads were not really on my wishlist but I had to buy them because I forgot to bring my own from home for my 4-week stay in HK...

This time in HK I have discovered an amazing shop called `MINISO名創優品`! It`s a household item shop with products of lovely Japanese design and everything is sold at a very affordable price. I have bought teapots for my tea loving friends and I have bought myself this AMAZING usb connected lamp!
I used to write `stationery` as `stationary` with an A because I thought it was the same thing? Like the word `grey` and `gray` right? Turns out both have a different meaning... oops. Anyway, I bought stationery! For all your stationery/craft in HK you should go to CN Square 中南廣場 which is a 5-floor shop!
As you can see these pens have a biodegradable shell and because I support cute design, small businesses and mostly anti-food waste I purchased 3 of these pens. The colored caps may fool you for being a coloring pen because they are actually all black colored ballpoint pen.
From the brand OOObject


  1. Looks like you managed to pick up some cool stuff! I especially love that reading lamp, the design is so cute!

  2. All your purchases look so good! Those minion tictacs are amazing. The USB lamb is cool! And I love buying stationary (esp cute pens and post-its) in HK and Taiwan :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  3. Glad to see that your glass pot survived the journey home!

    nat // dignifiable

  4. Everything in your haul is so cute! Esp the stationery items! I'm such a sucker for stationery and book store stuff. Noting down that 5-floor shop for my next visit! Thanks for sharing these, Mei!

    Caffeine Rush

  5. Oh wow! The kitchen stuff and that little light look amazing.
    I dunno why, but I was amused by "banana tic tacs".
    Very cute and awesome haul.
    Would love to hear more about some of these products in the future too.

  6. Yay for all the snacks (you're such a pro at that)

  7. Ohh you got so much cute stuff! Love that lamp especially. LOL at the photo of you on the snacks.

  8. Ah, i miss HK :(
    whenever I went to HK, it was only for very few days, like 3 or 4 days. not enough to see everything and find cool things to buy. I mainly spent too much time at the grocery stores and Sasa though :P
    Lol you even bought the chitato mie goreng flavor! everyone was so hyped when the news broke out (because well, I live in Indonesia, where that chitato thing came first) and honestly, it wasn't as extravagant as I thought it'd be :))

  9. Looks like you have such a great haul! Especially that reading lamp, it looks so cool! -Dems | Electrick Cities


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