Peek Into My Life 71


I feel like my first weeks in Hong Kong is all about eating and shopping. Gosh I can't help but feeling such a vain eating machine.

Me living in the populated Mong Kok district with all the Asian food in every block and corners and an extravaganza Langham Place Mall in just 6 min walk from my apartment does not help either.  I've been in Hong Kong for so many times that discovering new spots or seeing unseen places has become limited. Hong Kong is after all a small city.

Now I may sound like a bored person who didn't find anything amusing whilst in HK, but trust me I did enjoyed my leisure in HK. Hong Kong does not feel new to me anymore, even though HK changes so rapidly - shops, restaurants and buildings seem to come and go. I think HK is finally becoming to feel like home.  Oh by the way, I have made a vlog!

De eerste weken in Hong Kong was niet anders dan eten en winkelen. Daar was ik dan, die wandelende vreetmachine met aankoopjes.

Ik woon nog eens in een van de drukste wijken van HK genaamd Mong Kok en natuurlijk heeft Mong Kok eettentjes met lekkere dingen die je soms niet kan weerstaan en daarnaast is mijn apartment op 6 min. loopafstand van het extravagante Langham Place winkelcentrum.

Ik ben vaak in Hong Kong geweest. Nieuwe plekken zien en ontdekken, worden steeds kleiner of spannender. Ik klink misschien verveeld tijdens mijn verblijf in HK maar integendeel, ik had enorm naar mijn zin. Hong Kong voelt niet meer nieuw voor mij, ook al veranderd HK continu - winkels, restaurants en gebouwen komen en gaan, maar HK voelt eindelijk als thuiskomen. Oh en trouwens ik heb een vlog gemaakt.

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
A budget buffet and 100% vegetarian restaurant with colorful takeaway, it exists!
I got lost once at Langham P.
I got lost once here in Langham Place mall because it has 10 floors + other next connecting buildings with their own labyrint floors.
Lets go random!
I almost bought this Stylenanda lipstick.
Living Plaza, the Daiso of Hong Kong is my place for shopping for household gifts.
I think most Asian people are grown up eating Indomie, I did at least and so when I saw this Indomie in chips form my eyes widen. The chips is delicious even it doesn`t taste like Indomie but hey it`s delicious.
Roleplay with me?
Clearly I am still a newb with this vlogging but if you have time (and laugh at my poor English), check out this 2 min vlog:


  1. This makes me so excited for my coming Hong Kong trip! Those macarons looks like heaven!

  2. I've actually been to that place with the hanging trees, it's so pretty :) I love the vlog by the way, it looks like you had a great time in HK!

  3. Ah I think I went to that mall! It was MASSIVE. The vlog was super cute and fun to watch :)

  4. Hong Kong was so gooood! I wanna go travelling there :( You really had a great time there. I want to visit Stylenanda too. Waiting for part 2.


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