Shopping at Citygate Outlet. It's not that crazy cheap


The only big outlet place I have ever been to is the Dutch Rosada which is mainly a fashion outlet.  Then I was in Hong Kong and visited my 2nd outlet place: Citygate Outlet. Have you been here before? It's located in a quite touristy place Tung Chung. I've only walked passed by a couple of times but never really went inside.

When I shop I mostly shop for on sale items and I rarely buy items on original prices - how about you? I was curious of how cheap the outdated fashion can be but frankly, I find it not much cheaper than the other regular shops and their usual sale season.


Het enige grote outlet waar ik ooit ben geweest is Rosada. Toen ik in Hong Kong was ging ik naar mijn 2e grote outlet genaamd Citygate Outlet. Ooit toevallig geweest daar? Hij staat in een vrij toeristisch plaats Tung Chung. Ik ben hier enkele keren langs geweest maar nog nooit binnen geweest.

Wanneer ik winkel, koop ik meestal afgeprijsde artikelen en zelden de originele prijs - en jij? Ik was razend benieuwd hoe goedkoop de gedateerde spullen konden zijn bij de Citygate Outlet. Uiteindelijk vind ik deze spullen niet veel goedkoper dan in de reguliere winkels en hun gewoonlijke uitverkoop.  

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
Egg puff waffle breaky

Breakfast first.

Another perk of my apartment area is this egg puff waffle stand which is really just diagonal across the street from my apartment. They are one of the HK food brand and so delicious comfort snack!
My hair looked nice that morning until it got destroyed by the humid weather. Goodbye nice hair!

Riding the MTR line: from the Tsuen Wan line to Tung Chung line.
Citygate Outlet
I have never been to the Citygate Mall before so I was quite curious. It looked neat, clean and of course crowded in the area but still it was a nice welcome to me!
For dinner we have...
I don´t know but Citygate lacks cafés or I am just blind and therefor we had dinner at my favorite childhood restaurant McDonald`s. I also don´t know why but I always find the HK-McDonald´s menu nicer than our Dutchy ones. Here I tried out the pineapple pie which was quite yummy but be caution: it´s hot! I burned my tongue with the first bite...
Kate Spade! One of my favorite high-end brands and so I got really exited to see this shop in an outlet mall. As you can see there`s a doorman that holds the limited amount of customers in place. Fancy!

So I went inside and explored.

It was nice to see Kate Spade products on sale but to be honest it was not a crazy sale as I hoped to be. And to be honest I find the sale on their official Kate Spade website way better. So I came out the shop empty handed a bit disappointed but also relieved after.
A bit homesick I suppose
We end up buying food at a supermarket and played a game:
find Dutch products!
The results: a cheddar cheese and an overpriced pancake mix.
So I bought:
- From Esprit: a yellow striped top
- From Esprit: a woolen grey skirt
- From Taste Supermarket: yogurt, cookies, oatmeal and mushrooms


  1. Haha I always head straight for the sale section :P // omg egg waffles!!! <3333 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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