Testing broccoli burgers


One tasty lunch we had on a particular Saturday with... broccoli burgers! Have any of you tried it out before because I have not until now of course.

Kati (hallo!) from Almost Stylish posts now and then about delicious, never-seen-before vegetarian foods like this vegan schnitzel once on her blog and I'm like: where do you buy it -envies-!? On that same day I have stumbled across these broccoli burgers from So Fine at my local supermarket. It felt like destiny almost.

Broccoli is definitely on my top-3 favorite vegetables and seeing them in patty form makes me really excited. Check out my thoughts and of course pictures below!    

Een van de betere lunches op die ene doodnormale zaterdag met... broccoli burgers! Ken jij dat? Ik wist niet eens dat ze bestonden tot nu dan natuurlijk.

Kati (hallo!) van Almost Stylish blogt zo nu en dan over lekkere vegetarisch eten. Ik weet nog dat ze een foto plaatste over een vegan schnitzel en ik dacht alleen: waar o waar koop je die -verlangt-?! Op die zelfde dag kwam ik in mijn plaatselijk supermarkt deze broccoli burgers tegen van So Fine. Verrast en verbaast en het voelde bijna als lotsbestemming.

Broccoli staat zeker weten in mijn top-3 favoriete groenten en dat ze in een burger vorm gegoten zijn maakte dat extra leuk en spannend. Scroll snel naar beneden toe voor foto's en natuurlijk mijn mening!  

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
Some happy lunch
Along side with homemade oven baked wedges and cherry tomatoes from our yard.

My experience with veggie burgers are: burgers made out of chickpeas or potatoes. Both very delicious if made correctly of course and I myself made a few chickpeas burgers at home too!

I was afraid that the broccoli burger would taste to potato-ish where I might end up tasting hardly any broccoli. That was not the case fortunate! It tasted subtle and you can see broccoli pieces inside the patty. The soft but not mushy inside is a great texture, along with the crunchy coating on the outside, yum!
And I bet that you real meateaters out there will love these broccoli burgers too! But if you don`t like broccoli, well I suggest you stay away from it.

•••• 4/5


  1. My gooodness! If I found that here I would buy a 100. Nice you got to try it. :)

  2. Hmm, well, those do look good!


  3. Never tried it before! Looks quite delicious. I do know there is a cafe here in Sydney selling toasties with broccoli inside.

    Nat // Dignifiable

  4. I'm not vegetarian, but I'm curious to try this! My roomie is pescatarian and she eats veggie burgers, so maybe I can try some of hers haha -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  5. These look so good! They kinda seem like broccoli hash browns, and I love hash browns :p

  6. Oh those look really good, I love broccoli too! I am a vegetarian and have had plenty of veggie burgers before, but never a broccoli one. I will have to see if I can find any around here.


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