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A couple of weeks back on a heavily rainy Sunday I met up with beautyblogger Elisa (hiii!) from Memorable-Days in one of my favorite Dutch cities Rotterdam for a foodie-date! It was good to meet up with Elisa again knowing she is a foodie like myself and she had made plans to take me to this café that specializes in matcha green tea foods. Elisa, you sure know how to please me! We basically spend our Sunday with food and a movie with our first stop of course at this matcha craze café called Round & Round and afterwards we headed over for some sushi burrito at Supersaucer.


Een paar weken terug op een super regenachtige en natte zondag had ik een foodie-date in een van mijn favoriete steden genaamd Rotterdam met beautyblogger Elisa (hoiii!) van Memorable-Days! Het was alweer lang geleden dat we elkaar weer zagen en Elisa was o.a. van plan om samen bij een café af te spreken die gespecialiseerd is in matcha groene thee. Elisa weet in ieder geval hoe je iemand moet enthousiasmeren. De rest van onze zondag hebben we vooral gegeten én een film gekeken. We gingen uiteraard eerst lunchen bij Round & Round en daarna gingen we door naar Supersauer voor een sushi burrito.  

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voor Nederlandse

Round & Round - Rotterdam - The Netherlands

We ordered:
2 matcha green tea latte
1 matcha green tea cheesecake
1 matcha green tea cake roll
1 vanilla Baileys cacao cake roll
This vanilla cake roll with Baileys and cacao flavor got me curious which me and E. have shared it together. The cake is very good in terms of fluffyness and there was a slight hint of Baileys init but not enormous. E. herself didn`t detect any Baileys flavor at all.
Overall a nice cake roll!
This cake roll succeeded to be a fluffy, airy and not to overly sweet cake roll with good amount of matcha flavor. Delish! The matcha green tea latte on the other hand could have been more `matcha-nized` because the drink was very milky and despite me and E. both ordered a strong version of it.
Cute doodles on this selfmade menu!

Address: Hoogstraat 55A, 3011 PG Rotterdam - THE NETHERLANDS

FOOD: •••• 4/5
SERVICE: ••• 3/5
INTERIOR: ••••• 5/5
PRICE: ••• 3/5

Supersauer - Rotterdam - The Netherlands 
Our dearest E. has been wanting to try out the sushi burrito thing for some time and if it wasn`t for E. I would not have known it`s existence let alone eaten it. I mean, a sushi burrito?! Anyway it was raining in Rotterdam so we decided to take cover and stroll around Markthal, a Dutch indoor food/restaurant/café place and we happend to have accidentally stumbled across a place that sells sushi burrito. For E. a faithful day to cross the sushi burrito once and for all of her bucketlist!
We ordered:
1 `Salmon in Seoul` sushi burrito
The owner assures us that Supersauer is the first that sells sushi burrito here in the entire Rotterdam. Funny enough because on our way to the Markthal E. and me just walked pass by another shop that sells sushi burrito too. Whoops. Anyway we were still eager to have our first sushi burrito at Supersaucer.

Kudos for the vegetarian version but me and E. went for the salmon one a.k.a. `Salmon in Seoul` and o Lord this burrito is huge! And value for your money (€9) too because basically 1 sushi burrito is a good portion for 2 people.
We were full afterwards!

Lets move on to the verdict. Basically it`s a bigger version of the traditional sushi handroll but it`s still nice! I dig this fushion and I love how really fresh it taste and I really love the sauce inside. However me and E. hoped for a bit more of that yummy salmon and less rice inside our sushi burrito.
This Korean miso soup was on the house. How nice and generous - thanks! Maybe due to the fact we expose ourselves as bloggers?
Anyway thanks again!
Address: Supersauer/Markthal, Verlengde Nieuwstraat Rotterdam - THE NETHERLANDS

FOOD: •••· 3,5/5
SERVICE: ••••· 4,5/5
INTERIOR: ••· 2,5/5
PRICE: •••• 4/5
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  1. omg all that matcha!! <3 // Sushiritos are so trendy! There are quite a few places you can get them in Philly, but I've never tried them before because I don't think they're worth how expensive they are ): -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Oh wow! All of the food looks so delicious. I would love to go eat at those places someday. :)

  3. Oh we have a matcha desserts place in Sydney as well!
    Wow I've heard of the sushi burrito before but haven't tried it. Looks insane!

  4. All the matcha food looks so yummy. And cute! I love that color. Oohh I have always wanted to get a sushi burrito :)

  5. These look yummy as hell! Very jealous and hungry now. CRAVING the matcha desserts.

    Hugs, Hannie | Missing Wanderer

  6. Ahh, sounds like the perfect day out! That sushi burrito looks sooo good!

  7. sushi burrito was sold at Asia aan de maas this yeae by Supersauer ;)

  8. That matcha green cake roll looks tasty :)


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