From AM to PM with me - Hong Kong


The main thing for me to go to Hong Kong frequently is mainly my family who lives in HK. I've been going to Hong Kong since childhood and I loved Hong Kong ever since. My HK-family has been always super welcoming, caring and treated me with warmth and as a kid I always get showered by cute gifts. Yup, happy kids memories of mine and Hong Kong consist a lot of happy memories and I tend to keep making happy memories in Hong Kong. Thanks parents for introducing me Hong Kong at young age!

Its no surprising that I in Hong Kong I try to spend time as much as I can with my family and the other day I got the chance to hang out with my big aunt! 

Het hoofdpunt om steeds naar Hong Kong af te reizen is natuurlijk familie bezoekjes. Ik ga sinds ik een kleuter was naar HK en mijn liefde voor HK is daarmee begonnen en nooit opgehouden. Ik word altijd met open armen ontvangen door familieleden uit HK en ze zijn super zorgelijk en als kind werd ik altijd verwend door hun want ik kreeg veel cadeautjes! Een fijne herinnering om erop terug te komen. Ik heb trouwens altijd wel fijne herinnering van Hong Kong en ben van plan om meer te maken in de toekomst. Mama en papa, dankjewel dat jullie Hong Kong aan mij hebben geïntroduceerd!

Het is daarom geen wonder dat ik ze zo vaak mogelijk mijn tijd wil doorbrengen met hun en op die ene dag ging ik op stap met een groottante van me.

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voor Nederlandse
11:00 AM - getting ready to go out
Why! It was so sunny and promising this morning. The rest of the day it was on and off raining.
12:41 PM - early alcohol treat
This is my last scoop of Häagen Dazs ice cream for now because despite being super delicious it is also one super pricey ice cream brand. I have tried their green tea, almond and royal milk tea flavors and their Baileys flavor was something I really needed to scrape off my bucketlist because Baileys happen to be my favorite alcoholic beverage. And this ice cream is good!
2:44 PM - lunch with big aunt
Tsui Wah Restaurant - Yau Ma Tei - Hong Kong

Yay, meeting up with big aunt for lunch! One of the things I had is a bowl of organic rice and quinoa.
4:50 PM - Kowloon Park
From a mall top floor, this Kowloon Park looks so beautiful up there! After lunch me and my big aunt went for a stroll through this Kowloon Park.
5:18 PM - Flamingo`s!
Kowloon Park is pretty nice, green and spacious and a nice getaway too if you want to take a break from buzzing Hong Kong for a bit. They even have flamingo`s! Very cute. There suppose to be other bird kind of types too but we
didn`t saw them.
5:58 PM - Milk tea break
Café de Coral - Tsim Sha Tsui - Hong Kong

I realized that day that I hadn`t had my daily shot of milk tea yet. Yes, HK milk tea replaced my coffee but only just temporary of course.
6:29 PM - Skyline
From our milk tea break we moved on to see the infamous Hong Kong skyline! There was also a lovely sunset going on. Sigh, this skyline keeps amazes me. I hope I wont get bored of this view ever.
7:00 PM - Going home
It was getting dark and we headed home. I had a lovely quality time spending with my big aunt. For dinner I`ve restrained myself of eating out at the many yummy restaurants and cafes (willpower!) and instead, I`ve cooked this wonderful cold rice noodle salad with vegs and shrimps!


  1. Oh it's been so many years since my family has visited hong kong. I was a young child but I remembered the lovely cool weather at the end of the year and the steaming hot delicious soy bean curd and fried bread and dim sum from food carts! Loved the flamingos, I find them so funny looking.

  2. Cute outfit! Sophie x

  3. This is soo cool! Hong Kong looks like such a beautiful place, lovely post!

    Anika |

  4. The park is so green! And yes, a milk tea break is very important :D I'm glad you were able to spend some quality time with your big aunt! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  5. i absolutely adore your outfit! Your crown is just perfect with it!

  6. That park looks amazing! So lush and green, and with flamingos too!

  7. This seems like a great day to live :-) Definitely interesting to see what you're up to in your day to day.

    Hugs, Hannie | Missing Wanderer

  8. Thanks for taking us through the day with you!



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