hk/香港 HOTSPOT: Bo Lin Vegetarian Restaurant


As you might know I'm a pescatarian for quite some years now which means I don't eat meat at all except seafood. When I was in Hong Kong last summer where me and my family had eaten at this restaurant that specializes only in vegetarian food, I was very fine with it too! Especially when they offer a 5 hour long all-you-can-eat service with unlimited food ordering. The restaurant is called Bo Lin and lets check it out more down below shall we! 

Zoals waarschijnlijk jullie het weten ben ik een pescotariër voor alweer een paar jaartje en dit betekent dat ik geen vlees behalve vis eet. Toen ik laatst zomer nog in Hong Kong was waar ik en mijn familie bij een restaurant aten die gespecialiseerd is in alleen vegetarisch eten vond ik dat absoluut geen probleem! Vooral dat ze een 5 uur durende all-you-can-eat concept bieden waarbij je onbeperkt mag bestellen. Het restaurant heet Bo Lin, zullen we gauw naar beneden scrollen?

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From 11:30 AM till 4:30 PM only HK$75
And you are allowed to sit out that long! For this all-you-can-eat thing there`s a list of food that you can order unlimitedly from for that price which me and my family took full advantage of obviously. We basically almost ordered and tried out everything on the list. The dishes were overall ok, ranking from so-so to very absolute re-order worthy, lets check it out below! 
Let me start with a dish that we re-ordered twice: sweet deep fried honeydew melon balls, it`s a dessert type of food and insanely delicious! Basically they are melon flavored doughnut balls that you dip in the included sugar/jam.
This fake fish is entirely made out of taro. I thought it was nice but my HK family didn`t like it...
Sweet and fragrant chilled soymilk.
Fake `cha siu/Chinese BBQ pork` meat made out of tofu. Looks pretty real doesn`t it?
I liked this egg with okra dish, simple but nice.
Take Out
Bo Lin has an attractive looking take away display that you can order from outside the shop (see first picture). How attractive? Well the food such as cakes and savory are colorful and comes in different shapes and figures. Like this pear shaped cake with sweet azuki beans filling that I have picked.
The cake itself was quite solid and very dry. It was ok lah despite being cute on the outside. It didn`t even taste like pear.
Address: G/F, Lin Hing House, 7-11 Tsuen Hing Path, Tsuen Wan - HONG KONG

FOOD: •••• 4/5
SERVICE: ••· 2,5/5
INTERIOR: ••· 2,5/5
PRICE: ••••• 5/5


  1. God, I love this type of food sooo much!


  2. I think it is egg and bitter melon! :) But it's also one of my favorite vegetarian dishes! :) Thanks for the blogpost!

  3. Yummy post!

  4. Yum! I'll take two of everything pictured here, haha! And it's always disappointing when something so cute doesn't taste as good as it looks. :P


  5. That is neat that they specialize in vegetarian food! My friend, who is also a vegetarian, has trouble sometimes when traveling and finding tasty vegetarian food.

  6. Oh wow all of this looks incredible! Who doesn't love a good buffet?!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  7. Oooo chinese vegetarian...I love how there are so many mock meat type dishes when it comes to chinese veg food but I do enjoy a good mock beef, chicken or fish. It's all down to the texture and sauce I feel when it comes to mock meat but otherwise I love me a good mixed veg stir fry or claypot. Dim sum and steamboat tend to come to mind when I think vegetarian buffet. There a few places like that here :p


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