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Time to talk about snacking. I love to snack. Snacks usually taste great, especially the 'bad' snacks like chips and chocolate and of course I did my fair snack and food shopping while I was in Hong Kong this last Summer. I have actually shown a part of my snacks at my knick-knack HK haul post here.

Snacking was a happy habit of mine even though it was not always with healthy snacks. Over the last couple of years I have changed that habit and I have started introducing healthier snacks into my bad-snack pantry. And it got worse for the better from there because I also cut eating snacks for each day except weekends (my cheatdays!) unless they are healthy snacks.

Having chips and chocolate just in the weekends, that sure was hard at the beginning but since my body has adapted to this new way snacking habit, all my cheatdays tastes more rewarding than ever! Trust me, all the chips, chocolate, cookies, whatever bad-snacks tasted a lot better than when you daily snack. And to me, is worth it. 

Laten we het hebben over snacken. Ik doe het graag namelijk, vooral de lekkere 'slechte' snacks zoals chips en chocolade zijn mijn favoriet en natuurlijk heb ik flink wat snacks/eten geshopt toen ik in Hong Kong was in de afgelopen zomer. Je kan mijn haul namelijk hier over lezen: post.

Snacken was en is nog steeds een blije gewoonte van mij ook al deed ik dat vroeger met iets minder gezonde snacks. De laatste jaren heb ik een gezonde gewoonte van gemaakt en kocht dus gezondere varianten. En ging van kwaad tot erg want ik ging voortaan alleen maar snacken in het weekend. Dat zijn mijn 'cheatdays' namelijk. Althans, het gezonde snacken was natuurlijk wel ok om iedere dag te doen.

Voortaan dus alleen chips en chocolade in het weekend, dat was best hard in het begin. Gelukkig heeft mn lichaam het geaccepteerd en is eraan gewend. Geloof mij maar de cheatdays voelt erg belonend! De koekjes, chips, chocolade etc. smaken namelijk lekkerder en dat is voor mij de moeite waard.

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

Can you imagine blue Doritos? I can`t until now after I have bought this bag in Hong Kong. These tortilla chips are made from blue corn and are flavorless apart tasting like a regular tortilla chips.
I dip them in tomato pasta sauce though!
I love love love tomato/ketchup flavored chips and these from Calbee are very nice! It has little dried tomato pieces on it.
Not Nutella but...
Another product from Hong Kong: Bel-Zims hazelnut chocolate paste. Does it taste like Nutella? I`d say quite a 80% of it but the chocolate from Bel-Zims tasted more milkchocolate-ier than Nutella. And the texture seems to be more grainy than Nutella but I still had a lovely sandwich!

Just a snack
Lets start off with this healthy bar that I have bought out of curiosity called `Doctor´s Orders` and the bars contains zero sugar. Everything is natural sweetened by honey and dates. Overall a pretty nice nutty bar.
My beloved Muji snacks with a hot cup bevarage.


  1. All the packaging is just so cute and everything looks super tasty!

    Gen | Raspberry Notes!

  2. Great, now I'm hungry! :-) I'm aaaaalways ready for a bit of hazelnut chocolate spread.

  3. I'm slowly doing a turn to eating + snacking healthier as well! Your healthy snacks look so delicious though! I wish we had more options here on the island. Until then i improvise heh

  4. Muji snacks <3 I love their mini chocolate cream puffs :) The Muji green tea cake thing looks delicious! I'm gonna have to try that next time :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  5. Delicious! I love LOVE anything that's chip like! I'm totally into vegetable and meat flavored chips, we really have a HUGE range of flavors in asia from squid to crab to steak to's so hard to say no to them!


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