Turkish Milk Tea & Coffee!


Milktea and coffee in Turkish style, I never had it before until I tried one out in Hong Kong last summer. Maybe not the most logical place to try it out but I did it anyway. Anyway! Everyday during my stay in Yau Ma Tei I always walk pass by this cute turquoise drink stand and one day I've decided to order something from it.

It turns out not to be some ordinary drink stand but one that sells authentic freshly brewed Turkish coffee and milktea! All brewed and boiled on a special pan with sand, hence the name of this drink stand: Coffee On The Sand. Lets check it out! 

Melkthee en koffie in Turkse stijl, nog nooit had ik er een op totdat ik 't geproefd heb in Hong Kong deze zomer. Misschien niet de meest logische plek om het uit te proberen maar toch heb ik het gedaan. Elke dag liep ik namelijk langs dit schattig uitziende turkoois kraampje en besloot maar eens te benaderen op een dag.

Ik leerde gauw genoeg dat dit geen gewone kraampje was, want deze verkoopt namelijk authentieke verse gebrouwen Turkse koffie en melkthee! En alles wordt klaargemaakt in dit speciale pannetje met zand, en dit verklaart ook hun naam: Coffee On The Sand. Dat gaan we eens testen!

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voor Nederlandse

Once upon a time...
...there was this cute stand that is entirely painted in my favorite color turquoise/mint that I always walk by and from my eye corner I saw that it sell coffee, tea and juices. One day I`ve decided not to walk by but to stop by and have a cup of brewed goodness at this cute turquoise stand called `Coffee On The Sand`.
The owner of this stand is mister Guner Buran and this is his corner! Guner Buran is Turkish who lives and works in Hong Kong for quite some years now (impressive Cantonese!) and he prepares and sells Turkish beverages.

Mister Buran was welcoming and also took his time in explaining me what Turkish coffee is and assures me that Turkish coffee is the first kind of coffee in the world! Also even up to this day mister Buran uses the same method that was used back in the day to make this ancient Turkish coffee. Well I`m intrigued!
One Turkish milk coffee please!
I never have Turkish coffee before. I do have heard from it from my Turkish friends though - mister Buran was generous and gave me a double shot of coffee instead of 1 - thanks! The coffee took time to get heat and brewed up. This proces was quite mesmerizing.
And it tasted quite lovely!

The taste is definitely not the same as my usual regular coffee. This one tasted sweet (I did add sugar to it) and very nutty.
One Turkish (flower) milk tea please!
For my 2nd approach at Coffee On The Sand I wanted to try their milk tea. Will it taste like HK-milktea, hmm? Mister Buran however recognized me and suggested me to try out the fig milk tea (HKD 35). Why not!

The tea is fragrant, sweet and it reminds me of rose tea a bit. Really flowery! When I stirred my spoon into my tea there were dried figs swimming around. Mhmm different but quite nice!
Served with a Turkish delight, yum!

Address: G/F, Casa C Hotel, 487A Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei - HONG KONG

FOOD: •••• 4/5
SERVICE: ••••• 5/5
INTERIOUR: ••• 3/5
PRICE: •••• 4/5


  1. I've seen those videos around and thought that was soo cool! awesome post!

    Gen | Raspberry Notes!

  2. I'm always up to try coffee and milk tea! :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  3. I've heard of Turkish coffee, but haven't tried it. It sounds so good!

  4. Sounds great! There are few places to get this in singapore but I've yet to try it! Love seeing things prepared in their traditional way! I can't imagine how hot that sand is! I also like seeing things cooked in hot scorching salt...it's crazy how hot those mediums get and you can't really tell until something to get cooked or boil is placed on top! :p

  5. Well, that does look quite interesting!


  6. aw, I really miss HK :(
    haven't got the chance to go anywhere overseas since 3 years ago.

    the way it was made is just so interesting! I've never really explored the yau ma tei part of kowloon so this is such an interesting post. people in HK are just really nice which makes the experience of buying products really comfortable (as opposed to *cough*mainlandchina*cough*)

    for some reason this somehow reminds me of the turkish ice cream stand that plays tricks on people :P
    good thing they don't trick you when it comes to coffee too because the ice cream thing really piss me off even though i know it's their selling point :))

  7. I LOVE Turkish coffee! Sadly there is nowhere in my town that serves it, so I have only been able to have it on certain vacations. I don't think I have ever had the milk tea though, I will have to give that a try as well!

  8. Oooh yum I love all of these things, especially how strong Turkish coffee is


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