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Last month Holland had a heatwave month and also last month I met up with an classmate that I know since elementary school!

G. and I know each other for around 20 years or so and I was happily surprised when she called me for hanging out with me. G. is also creative like myself and that should make our date extra fun right! Our date was not the usual hangout at a café or restaurant, no. We did something bold, fun and adventurous: canoeing! What!

I'll be honest I was a bit scared at the beginning because 1) I am not a good swimmer and 2) I have never canoed before in my life! Yet I am sucker for natures beauty and along with the holding heatwave, I gave in for this cano adventure. And you know what, it was worth it.   

Weetje nog die hittegolf van een paar weken geleden? Ook alweer paar weken geleden heb ik met een oud klasgenoot die ik vanaf de basisschool ken afgesproken.

G. en ik kennen elkaar eigenlijk 20 jaar! Ik was daarom blij dat ze me appte om te gaan chillen. G. zelf is ook een creatieveling net als ik en dit moet onze date juist extra leuk maken! We gingen niet standaard chillen bij een café of restaurant, nee. We hebben iets heel stoers gedaan al zeg ik het zelf: kanoën!

Ik moet eerlijk bekennen: ik vond het doodeng in het begin want 1) ik ben geen goede zwemmer en 2) ik heb nog nooit gekanood in mijn leven! Ik ging toch maar stoer doen en waagde mijn leven want ik was een natuurliefhebber en met de aanhoudende hittegolf destijds, zette ik mijn angst opzij en ging ervoor. En het was het waard.

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

Station `Breda`
To get to the canoe event we met up at Dutch town Breda first.
A handful of passengers witnessed me taking a picture of this doorknob. They must be thinking: what a weirdo. Hey, you don`t see an artsy doorknob each day in a train right?
Years I have not visit Breda town and for a second I thought I got out in the wrong station but luckily that was not the case because Breda trainstation got renewed and looks gorgeous!
A small town called Drimmelen
After the hour+ of train travel, 30 minutes bus riding and a bit of a walk after, me and G. concluded: public transport to Drimmelen is not the one. If you live far like I do then you should go by car. Especially when we discovered that the public bus line stopped at 4:30 PM and you`ve guessed it, me and G. missed the last bus because we finished canoeing at 5:30. Oops. We had no choice but to walk 3km to the other nearest bus stop.
It`s a good thing I like to walk/hike and despite missing the last bus, I liked that walk!
A boat took us to the actual canoe event and dock. This is also where you pay as well. Of course with upfront reservation.
Finally, canoeing!
Neither of us really canoed in our lives and nor were we natural talented at once we sat down in our canoe and started rowing. Oh boy me and G. struggled for a good 20+ minute before we finally understood a bit of how the canoe and it`s rowing process works. Have you canoed before?
Finally, food!
We felt we deserved food after we conquered the rowing struggling. Me and G. both brought food to have a little picnic in the canoe! How fun! I should give all kudos to G. because she did the most effort in making a festive lunch:
Thank you G. for this cheesey and creamy with rocket salad sandwich, yum!
We kind of ignored the map that was given us at the dock.
Welcome in the Biesbosch nature
I hoped to spot a cute otter family.

No otter family sadly but ducks, swans and lots of frogs and even more mosquitoes! Even though me and G. did not get bit at all (blessed!) I do still recommend you applying bug repellent before entering Biesbosch.
Basically you were free to row/swim around the Biesbosch. As long you treat this nature reserve with respect and keep clean
We couldn`t pick a better day than this one, truly. And yay, arm muscle soreness the next day!


  1. This looks like a fun adventure! I went canoeing once, and it was the first time I had ever been in a canoe. It was fun but a lot of hard work, we almost got stuck/lost multiple times, haha! And what a yummy looking lunch you guys had :)

  2. What a long walk! But it does make for a good story. I haven't canoed before, but i have been in kayaks and a row boat!

    Nat // Dignifiable

  3. Great post hun!

  4. Oh this looks like so much fun! love that you guys are matching in stripes, haha. I haven't canoed in ages!

  5. Awwww, this looks great!!! Ik heb nog nooit van Drimmelen gehoord, en ik ben eerlijk gezegd ook nog nooit in de Biesbosch geweest, maar wahhhh!! Ik ga 'm op m'n lijstje zetten voor plekken in Nederland :p
    De lunch ziet er echt heerlijk uit! :D

  6. I've gone canoeing before, but we were all wearing bright orange lifejackets, and I've never had a mini picnic in one before! Love your top (: -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  7. What a fun hang out with your friend!

  8. Your picnic looked adorable and it seems like y'all had perfect weather for a boat trip


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