Yarnfood: Rainbow doughnuts


Doughnuts, who does not love them! Lately I have been crocheting them again these fun fake foods. Extra fun was with my newest favorite yarn that I got from my favorite budget shop Daiso and its called 'Lace Yarn' and comes in different colors and I absolutely love love love this serie! You might have seen my little haul from my IG here. These lace yarn has such a soft and fine feel to it and it works great with my 2-2.5 mm hooks, and the outcome on my (rainbow) doughnuts are utterly cute! I wonder what a rainbow doughnut would taste like? Sugary? Sure. Dreamy? Sure!


Donuts, ik ben er gek op en de meeste van ons ook, toch? De laatste tijd ging ik weer deze lekkers haken en daarbij heb ik met een van mijn nieuwste favoriete garen gebruikt genaamd: Lace Yarn van Daiso. Jep, mijn favoriete budgetwinkel ook nog eens! Lace Yarn is een ontzettende fijne dunne garen die zijdezacht aanvoelt en komt in verschillende kleuren. Wellicht heb je mijn Lace yarn aankoopjes op mijn IG zien voorbij komen, want ik ben fan! Ze werken ook fijn op mijn 2-2.5 mm haakpennen en de uitkomst op mijn (regenboog) donut zijn zo schattig! Ik ben blij! Hoe zouden ze smaken deze regenboog donuts? Zoet? Vast wel. Dromerig? Jazeker! 

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voor Nederlandse
Crochet info
Daiso Lace Yarn Multicolor #15 `carnival`
Scheepjes `Larra` #7419
Pingouin Esterel `yellow`

Amigurumi style

2.5 mm hook and a 3.0 mm hook
pair of scissors
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  1. Omg! How cute? It looks so realistic and delicious haha.

  2. These are sooo adorable :0 Love how the rainbow doughnuts kind of have a gradient effect!!

  3. omg the rainbow icing is SO gorgeous!!!! i think they might also look super cute with mini-pearl-drop "sprinkles" *o* -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. Oh my gosh! They're so perfect haha.

  5. Are these even real? How adorable!!

  6. Oh wow, the colour change is so nice!


  7. Ooh, that looks so nice and shiny! And I love how the color pattern makes that subtle swirl!

    I had such a blast at Daiso when I visited Singapore. I wish we had one here too. Perhaps someday...

    Oh, I checked out Sostrene Grene because of your post! Very nice!
    Bedankt voor de tip;)

  8. Love the rainbow icing! So cute.

  9. Gorgeous as always! I love this! I've seen rainbow bagels locally but from the cross sections I've not been tempted as lots of people have been trying to make money from the rainbow trend in food without the item actually being of much quality. Love what you've done, those would make such great key chains!


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