A day in Antwerp 2


One of my most important app in my phone called the Google Agenda. Not only it is full of work dates and notes but also the many blog meet ups and dates with my best blogger friends recently. A month ago or so I was with Elisa in Rotterdam, last Saterday I hung out with Jessy (also in Rotterdam) and a couple weeks back I was in Antwerp with Carmen!

All these meet ups are obvious a great excuse to go out and travel a bit of course and it is so so nice to see my blog sweethearts again! Today's blogpost is all about me and Carmen in Antwerp. Carmen even made a vlog and you should scroll down to check it out!

My last time in Antwerp was, yikes, in 2014! If I have to believe this older blogpost here. So far, Antwerp has treated me very well and I was very excited to check out Antwerp again this time. Today is part 1 because I have taken way to much pictures again to be all sorted all out beautifully in one post so part 2 will be released soon in the future!

Een van mijn onmisbare app in mijn telefoon: Google Agenda. Niet alleen staat er belangrijke werk data erin maar de laatste tijd staat het ook vol met leuke afspraakjes met m'n blogvriendinnetjes! Een maand geleden nog had ik een date met Elisa in Rotterdam, in de afgelopen zaterdag was ik met Jessy (ook in Rotterdam) op stap en de week daarvoor was ik in Antwerpen met Carmen!

Met blogvriendinnetjes afspreken is erg leuk en altijd geslaagd en daarnaast een goed excuus om erop uit te gaan en daarnaast toch een beetje een vakantie gevoel te krijgen. Vandaag gaat `t dus over mij en Carmen in Antwerpen. Carmen heeft zelfs een vlog gemaakt! Scroll gauw naar beneden toe om deze te bekijken.

Mijn laatste keer Antwerpen was alweer in 2014 hier. Antwerpen heb ik altijd leuk gevonden en keek er erg naar uit om dit keer samen me Carmen naar Antwerpen af te reizen. Vandaag is part 1, want ik heb weer eens veel te veel foto's en blogmateriaal gemaakt dus vandaar dat er een part 2 is binnenkort!

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

a so-so hightea with quality catching up
Duke of Antwerp - Antwerp - Belgium

Me and C. both bought cheap train tickets to Antwerp which also included a free lunch/brunch/hightea whatever you`d like to call. This free meal was at Duke of Antwerp and was already picked out for us which was a cup of coffee and a slice of apple pie. Since C. didn`t like coffee she got herself tea and I have upgraded my coffee to a cappuccino. The food was ok not really wow and the promised apple pie wasn`t really an apple pie either (more like cake with marzipan and almonds).

But the biggest let down was how terrible our service was.

C. wanted tea which she got, but when C. nicely asked a waiter for a different flavored teabag, the waiter literally rolled his eyes and clearly having no problem in leaving an annoyed impression on his face when received this simple teabag exchange request. Me and C. were a bit stunned of this attitude and roughly 10 minutes later the whack waiter came back with the requested teabag. We both agreed: no tip for this dude.
Thank goodness for our catching up and chit chats about a-z that lift up our mood again. I didn`t make a picture but C. handed me over a big bag of leftover yarns and yarns that C. never use to me! Super awesome and once again thank you!
Hello Antwerp!
We were blessed with amazing weather! The temperature was not super chilly either. Great!
Wool shops

Julija's shop - Antwerp - Belgium 

Why we actually went to Antwerp was mainly to visit a couple of wool shops. Hey, after all we are both crafty yarnlover! We went to one budget and one lux shop. Lets start with the lux one which was Julija`s shop and sells organic and fair trade yarn and also fabrics. C. was feeling at home in this candyshop and it truly was a candyshop.
Their wools and yarn merch are beautiful and I have not seen this expensive yarns in my life before.

For example, 1 ball of yarn was between €15 and €25. I usually buy yarn around €5. Tops. It was a bit painful but I didn`t buy anything at the end.
C. however bought a couple of these candies.

Veritas - Antwerp - Belgium
Then a stop at a budget crafty wool shop: Veritas. Veritas is a chain shop and I have never heard of it before until now of course. What can I say, this shop is amazing and obviously I have spent some of my hard earned money on it.
Like pros ha.
C. providing the both of us of snacks and fuel this time. These are delicious salty caramel `pepernoten`!
A vlog!
C. recorded our day in Antwerp and turned it into a vlog. The vlog is in Dutch however but hey, if you want to hear my weird chipmunk voice and to see my oddball face I`m not stopping you.


  1. I read your blog in English, so it was really cool hearing you speak Dutch! I don't know anything about wool or yarn, but wow so many textures! I can imagine how much fun the two of you had! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Wow, I can't believe you received that kind of attitude from the waiter! Regardless it sounds like you had a fun day out, I'd really like to visit Antwerp some day :)

  3. Antwerp looks great! I've never been there before. :)

  4. Have fun!


  5. The train station is so gorgeous there! That is so rude of the waiter, I always find that so strange when customer service is the nature of the job.

    You should do more vlogs!

    nat // dignifiable

  6. Antwerp looks really beautiful! Sounds like you guys had a good time.

  7. Loved watching that blog, you're both so sweet and looks like you had so much fun!


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