A day in Antwerp 3


And here's part 2 of me and crafter and blogger Carmen in central Antwerp! Basically another part of us discovering Antwerp, shopping and of course eating. For part 1 please click here. Here you can find a vlog of us as well. 

En hier is deel 2 van mij en de creatieveling en blogger Carmen in hartje Antwerpen! Ook hier een deel waarbij we Antwerpen een beetje bij beetje ontdekken. Uiteraard veel gewinkeld en gegeten natuurlijk. Hier is trouwens deel 1 mocht je het hebben gemist. Er is zelfs een vlogje van ons. 

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voor Nederlandse

One savory waffle
Waffle Factory - Antwerp - Belgium
It was 5PM and me and C. didn`t really had proper lunch yet so we decided to grab a savory waffle at Waffle Factory since we both haven`t had a savory waffle before.

We had:
1 3-cheese types lunch waffle
1 Speculoos latte
1 Texane lunch waffle
Waffle Factory turns out to be a small chain business around Belgium and the we had was a small shop, run by two young fellows back then. These two young fellows were also the one who prepare the waffles, take orders and dealing with the payments which lead to a long queue and a waiting time on the waffles. Luckily me and C. were two young patient wildflowers.

Also the kitchen was an open kitchen and you could see how the waffle is being made. I don`t like the fact that there was a cleaning product right next to where the waffle is being made here. To be honest the kitchen looked messy too back then...
Regardless my 3-cheese type lunch waffle was delicious and gooey off melted cheeses (goat cheese, emmental and matured mimolette)inside. Since I love Speculoos I also had the Speculoos latte and it was ok.
Basically just coffee with a big dollop of Speculoos init. Stupid of myself I forgot to grab a stirrer spoon so when I finished my latte, there was still a lot of Speculoos left at the bottom of my cup...

Antwerp, you are extra beautiful in good weather
I like this street!

Wijngaardstraat - Antwerp - Belgium
Which me and C. accidentally walked into it and turns out to be a picturesque street with lots of beautiful antique buildings, small shops and restaurants and the once public library was located here too.
A super fragrant barrel of citrus peels. Creative!
The old public library.
Awesome store #1: Superet
In the same Wijngaardstraat we discovered a great giftstore that sells local handmade products by local artists.
I end up buying stickers and postcards. C. bought an amazing a green colored camera bag.
Awesome store #2: Juttu
Juttu is a beautiful store with beautiful interior. They even have a food corner and mini-café area! However me and C. didn`t buy a thing at all but we did use and sat on their chairs at the mini-café area because me and C. were tired and drained of all the walking and carrying our buyings.
Going home
At 8PM me and C. catcher our train back home. Before that we grabbed our dinner which was good ol` McDonald`s and bubble tea. We also grabbed 4 pieces of French macarons from the McCafè in the flavor Speculoos and tangerine.
I really love the tangerine one.
4 pieces of macarons for €2. This tangerine flavored is yum! Tasted like orange to be honest ha.
The veggie burger, truly a guilty pleasure of mine.

Beautiful Antwerp central station.
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  1. The waffle looks delicious! Mmmm cheese. Looks like you had a great day and blessed with amazing weather!

    nat // dignifiable

  2. The food looks good! The scenery and stores looks cool. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Sounds like you guys had so much fun. Antwerp has such beautiful buildings!

  4. I can never resist a good waffle!! Delicious!

  5. I love your travel blog very much!
    I watched You Tube on the article Antwerp 2,
    and you and your friend are so lovely!!!
    I would love to join you :)


  6. Love your foodie adventures! That waffle was oozing with cheese--BEAUTIFUL! Also Speculoos <3 And bubble tea <3 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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