A foodie date with Elisa // PART 2


And here a part 2 of me and Elisa from Memorable-days on a foodie date! Make sure to check out part 1 too here as well if you have not.

We continue our foodie adventures with more Asian foods. We went to check out Hinoki Noodle Soup and had comfort Vietnamese food for dinner at Phở Vietnamese Restaurant & Noodle Bar.

Sometimes I really wish I was a cow who has 4 stomach compartments so I can, well you know, eat more because at Hinoki Noodle Soup me and E. didn't order any ramen/noodle soup for example because we were still full from our sushi burrito from Supersauer. Anywho, this opens a new opportunity for the future visit!

En hier is deel 2 van mij en Elisa van Memorable-days en onze foodie date! Bekijk deel 1 als je deze nog niet heb gekeken.

We vervolgden onze eet-avontuurtjes met nog meer Asian food. Zo gingen we langs bij Hinoki Noodle Soup en hebben we dag afgesloten met Vietnamees troostvoer bij 
Phở Vietnamese Restaurant & Noodle Bar

Soms wou ik dat ik een koe was want koeien hebben 4 maag compartimenten, waardoor ik natuurlijk meer opkan. Want ik en E. hadden namelijk geen ramen/noodle soep besteld bij Hinoki want we zaten nog erg vol van onze sushi burrito van Supersauer. Zucht, maar goed dit betekent gewoon dat we in de toekomst hierom terugkomen!

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
Snack break
Hinoki - Rotterdam - The Netherlands
2 green tea
1 takoyaki
1 edamame
(↗ They have vegetarian ramen with vegetarian broth!!)
I`m always thrilled to check out a new Japanese restaurant and Hinoki was a first timer for me and E. as well. Hinoki is not a sushi restaurant but mainly serve ramen noodles and other Japanese side dishes. Sadly me and E. did not order any ramen because we were so stuffed after the big sushi burrito we had before at SuperSauer. Instead we ordered snacks: takoyaki and a bowl of nice edamame.

Octopus balls a.k.a. takoyaki are truly one of my favorite Japanese side dish so I had to order that. Even though I do find it bit on the pricier side (€4,80 for 4 pieces) the takoyaki were pretty nice with crispy coating and had a chunk of real octopus meat inside.

We decided to order a bowl of edamame because it was light and green which makes it healthy too.
Address: Keizerstraat 52, 3011 GH Rotterdam - THE NETHERLANDS

FOOD: •••· 3,5/5
SERVICE: ••• 3/5
INTERIOR: ••• 3/5
PRICE: •• 2/5
Vietnamees dinner
Phở Vietnamese restaurant & Noodle bar - Rotterdam - The Netherlands
1 Vietnamese coffee
1 Jasmin tea
1 phở chicken
1 seafood curry with rice
Vietnamese coffee
Finally! Having a Vietnamese coffee for the very first time and o dear it was so nice! The coffee taste different than a regular coffee and I can`t really pinpoint what it is but it`s quite strong too sweetened
with condensed milk, yum!
Seafood curry with rice
For dinner me and E. had comfort hearty Vietnamese food. E. had phở chicken and I got a nice spicy seafood curry with rice. Mhmm, that certainly warmed up my belly! I have to mention that our food came pretty quickly but anywho, my seafood bowl was rich and filled with generous seafood such as squid and shrimp but you can also find potato chunks, peppers and courgette init too. Yum! To me anything curry with rice is a win dish and this dish was very tasty!
Address: West-Kruiskade 1A, 3014 AJ Rotterdam - THE NETHERLANDS

FOOD: •••• 4/5
SERVICE: ••• 3/5
INTERIOR: •••• 4/5
PRICE: ••• 3/5
I have mentioned it before but on our foodie date we also went to see a movie too! Bridget Jones Baby was our pick and it sure was a lovely warm movie and closure for the Bridget Jones movie series.
» part 1


  1. Foodies always look like they have the best time out! I can totally relate to wishing I had more stomachs to eat all the food I want to taste :3 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Vietnamese food is delicious! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. All of this looks incredible; I can never say no to a good bowl of Pho so the vietnamese place has my name written all over it. Yum!


  4. All the food looks so delicious! I think that is the benefit of going out with a larger group is that you can share / taste more things, but then again it also means you can just pop in for another visit in the future

    nat // dignifiable

  5. Oooo the takoyaki looks yummy!!! I haven't had it in a long time, I really would like some fresh hot ones filled with goodies. The seafood curry sounds good as well, that's not something I've eaten in a long time!


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