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Finally, I've been to a cat café and finally I am blogging about it after the previews and such that you've might seen it here. As you may know I love LOVE cats and when I've learned that Hong Kong has a cat café with living cats walking around and such I just had to go there. Because food & cats are happiness and along with my dearest niece we had lunch at Ah Meow Café.

Apparently there's a bunny café in Hong Kong too called Rabbitland Café which I also wanted to go but didn't because the lack of timing.  Sigh, and here in Holland we also have a cat café that is located in Amsterdam. Hopefully I'll set foot at these two places someday in the future for food, drinks and of course lots of animal hugging happiness but for now, please check out Ah Meow Café here below.


Eindelijk. Ik ben bij een kattencafé wezen eten en heb eindelijk na lang al die eerdere aankondigen ervan die je wellicht hier heb gezien een blogpost erover. Zoals je wellicht al weet ik ben namelijk een kattenmens en toen ik hoorde dat er in Hong Kong een kattencafé is, moest ik er gewoon heen. Want eten & katten is simpelweg een zaligheid en samen met mijn liefste nichtje gingen we lunchen bij Ah Meow Café

Blijkbaar is er ook een konijnencafé in Hong Kong genaamd Rabbitland Café wat ik ook graag had willen eten daar maar helaas niet gelukt vanwege tijdgebrek. Ook in Nederland hebben we een kattencafé in Amsterdam. Hopelijk kom ik bij deze twee tentjes in de toekomst langs voor een hapje, drankje en lekker kroelen met de dieren. Voor nu heb ik Ah Meow Café hieronder voor jullie. 

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
The cat café was not easy to find because it is located in an apartment and not in a shop construction and so me and my niece have been wandering around while scratching our heads before we finally found the entrance. Shop rental in HK is insanely high and so many creative business people rather rent a cheaper older apartment to open up their business.

Since it was located in an apartment building it lacked a bit of a welcoming shopping atmosphere and it was a bit scary of how hidden the cat café was but luckily we have found the cat café and o boy it was awesome.
Ah Meow Café - Causeway Bay - Hong Kong

Our first cat in sight at entry! My cat-excitement in me went up straight.
The interior looked quite cluttered but also safe and snug with loads of cat themed items. Kind of impressive of how an apartment turned into like this.
Our food
2 ice HK milk tea

1 Japanese curry chicken rice
1 penne pasta with smoked salmon in cream sauce
1 toasts with chocolate sauce
Hand sanitizers on every table available.
2 slices toasts with chocolate sauce
Me and my niece shared this cute toast with a cute chocolate sauce. It was just plain toast with cat faces on it so it was nothing special taste wise and it was all just for the presentation of this dish obviously.
Rice & pasta
Then our main foods! I was really in a good mood already after the toasts (and being in a room filled with cats) and so I was excited to continue my lunch. My niece had the Japanese curry rice with chicken while I have the penne pasta with smoked salmon. It was good! Maybe my dish could have been a bit tad more creamier but overall it was a homey tasteful dish and my niece enjoyed her curry dish as well. We then washed our lunch down with our HK milk tea.

For the record, no cat hair was found in our dishes.
Petting time!
We were free to explore around the dining area, take photos, pet, play and hold the cats. One of the co-workers told me the names of the cats which I have forgotten but I do remembered that one of the cats was 20 years old already.
An one old cat it is!
This cat literally froze up for a good 20 minutes and sat there in the same position all that time. Me and my niece were wondering what the cat had in his eye vision. Must be a silly bird.
Little bit envious of these people who had cat companies right at their table.
I want you and that pillow.
Grumpy cat! Is that you! I`m very sorry but this face makes me giggle very hard everytime I see it.

ADDRESS: Flat D-E, 3/F Po Ming Building, Fu Ming Street, Causeway Bay - HONG KONG

FOOD: •••· 3,⁵/5
INTERIOR: •••• 4/5
SERVICE: ••• 3/5
PRICE: •••• 4/5
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  1. So many cats! Although the food wasn't the BEST, it still must have been such a fun experience! And wow, I've never heard of a bunny cafe! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. How fun! The cat cafe looks cool. :)

  3. We drove by one of these in Austin but didn't go inside. All the kitties look very cute and like they slightly tolerate the human companionship :)

  4. Oh my God!!! This just makes so SO happy! I had no idea these existed - if we had one here i'd probably live there!!

  5. Ohh wow, this place looks like a dream! I wanna visit a cat cafe again so badly!!


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