Cats from Hong Kong


Cats from Hong Kong, a little blogpost of all the cat pictures I have snapped in last Summer Hong Kong. See it as the famous photography project 'Humans of New York' but with cats! And this blogpost is very unusual because I can't really remember I have ever done a blogpost that's mainly about cats or other animals only. Yet it's refreshing, right?!

Hi I'm Mei and I love cats. A LOT. An answer on the question which I'd pick between a dog or a cat, I'd say a cat and don't get me wrong I love dogs a lot as well but I guess I carry more cat-person DNA than a dog-person DNA in me.

Strangely I have never owned a cat before in my life as I was never allowed to own one nor any other pets anyways. That does not stop my love for cats and I follow many cat owners on social media, subscribed cat owners on Youtube and I say 'hi' to every neighborhood cats or any other cats whenever I see one in real life (not a crazy cat lady, just a passionate cat lady).

Cats appears to be cold looking creatures but they never fail me in cheering my mood up and I hope my pictures below will put a smile on your face!

Katten van Hong Kong, een blogpost over mijn kattenfoto's die ik geschoten heb uit de afgelopen zomervakantie in Hong Kong. Zie het als de beroemde fotografie project 'Humans of New York' maar dan met katten! Eigenlijk is het een ongewone blogpost van mij want wanneer heb ik een blogpost gedaan over dieren? Nooit, maar dat maakt het juist anders, leuk en verrassend nietwaar?

Hoi, ik ben Mei en ik ben dol op katten. Heel erg zelfs! Als ik moet kiezen tussen een hond of een kat, dan gaat mijn keuze naar de kat en ook al ben ik ook erg dol op honden, ik ben gewoon een kattenpersoon in hart en nieren.

Gek genoeg heb ik nog nooit een kat gehad of een ander huisdier of wat dan ook. Ik mocht simpelweg geen huisdier nemen maar dat weerhoudt mijn liefde voor dieren niet en zeker niet voor poezen. Ik volg heel veel katteneigenaren op social media en op Youtube en ik zeg 'hoi' tegen alle buurkatten of welk kat die ik tegenkom in het echt.

Katten kunnen misschien een koude indruk maken op je maar ze laten me altijd stralen en ik hoop dat de foto's hieronder je ook doen glimlachen!

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

This was one of the first cat picture I have snapped in Hong Kong `16. The cat is sleeping don`t worry and if I was a cat who lives in a humid warm land such as Hong Kong I`d probably take lots of cat naps too.
This cat lives in Jordan at a random shop and was standing guard at the doorstep and it has truly big cat eyes! Though this picture does not really show but trust me it really does.
Cat! Why you ran away from me! I just wanted to take a close up picture of you! For some reason this cat knew that I wasn`t going to chase him down at this fishy (it really smelled like fish) alley.
I don`t mind you if you don`t mind me while I am taking a picture of you! A washing cat in Tai O.
Please don`t get lost, cat from Yau Ma Tei.
This cat immediately changed from sitting pose straight to a bold mermaid pose after I snapped a picture of him (or her), like it was ok to be eager!
From Tai O.
A cat by a florist doorstep, looking grumpy.
A cat I have spotted on a rooftop in Tai O.
I love love love pitch black cats, they are so beautiful with linger of mystery around them. This one I have found during my hiking trip at Lamma Island. It was owned by a mister who owned a small drink, ice cream and frozen fruit treat stall.
I was walking around Mong Kok district when this cat suddenly ran out a random shop and stopped right in front of me on this sidewalk with a focused glare on something.
Another batch of cats from Tai O and these didn`t gave me any attention or a meow at all after my many attempt in luring them to me. Just a I-don`t-care-cold stare.
More cat related blog posts soon!
Which is attending to a Happy MEOWent at Langham Place and lunch at a cat café! My first time ever.


  1. OMG ALL THOSE KITTIES! MEMAOS! I love cats now, I never thought I'd like cats. My family has always had a dog since I was born, it was dog after dog and we just never had a cat. Seven years ago my mom and I brought home a stray cat while walking home and that was it. Now we love how easy it is to care for ours, she goes in and out of the house as she pleases, doesn't do her business in our house and sleeps all day. I would love to own more cats next time, they are so lazy and have such strong personalities. I love the calico and mixed colored tabby looking cats from your shots!

  2. I LOVE this post!! These are some beautiful cats. I'm definitely more of a cat person too, despite never having owned a cat.

  3. Loving this Cats of Hong Kong post! What a fun way to travel :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. LOVE this Post! I was made a Cat Person when my two babies moved in with us! Now I am THE Crazy Cat Lady :D
    I don't think Cats have cold eyes and they can be just as loving as dogs! I just think it is sad, many people don't really read up first what a cat needs first, before they decide to get one. "My cat is so lazy, she always sleeps, thats so convinient." Yah it's convenient, but your cat might just be depressed... as you know she is lonely being the only cat in a household full of humans...
    It's also sad how many stray cats there is even in rich countries like Germany (don't know about the Netherlands), who eventually will die miserably from hunger or diseases...
    Sry I didn't intend to post such depressing things... but it was just something I want people to be aware of


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