My favorite type of places to eat in Hong Kong is, well, kind of everywhere in Hong Kong basically since Hong Kong is pretty much one big foodie hotspot land ha. But if I have to specify a bit deeper than it's got to be eating at a cha chaan teng/茶餐廳 (literally means: tea restaurant). I must have mentioned it before about eating at a HK tea eatery places, like here at Australia Dairy Company which serves typical quality Hong Kong food for a very véry affordable price.

Today I want to introduce you guys Tsui Wah restaurant and it's a chain restaurant established in 1967 with a concept between being a tea restaurant and a café.  This also makes Tsui Wah a tad higher standard restaurant with a tad pricier food on the menu than the usual cafés, but to me still very affordable. Especially when I'm from Holland where eating out is a lot costly than in HK. Anyway!

I've eaten at Tsui Wah twice already. I have mentioned it before at this post if you have not read it already. Lets continue with it shall we?

Mijn favoriete eetplekjes in Hong Kong is eigenlijk, nouja heel Hong Kong ha. Voor als je het nog niet weet, Hong Kong is een groot eet walhalla. Maar om toch nog specifieker te zijn, zijn mijn favoriete eetplekjes namelijk een 'cha chaan teng/茶餐廳 (letterlijk: thee restaurant). Ik heb het al eens eerder gezegd, zo ook hier bij Australia Diary Company blogpost waar ze lokale kwaliteitsgerechten serveren voor een héél betaalbare prijs.

Vandaag wil ik jullie voorstellen een ander restaurant: Tsui Wah restaurant en is een keten dat al  sinds 1976 bestond en is een mix tussen een thee restaurant en café. Hierdoor maakt het dat Tsui Wah een hogere klas restaurant is met natuurlijk een duurdere menukaart, maar voor mij nog steeds erg betaalbaar. Zeker als je het vergelijkt met Nederlandse standaarden.

Maar goed! Ik heb twee keer gegeten bij Tsui Wah. Ik heb het trouwens al een keertje vermeld hier. En vandaag gaan we hierop verder!

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

Tsui Wah Restaurant - Yau Ma Tei - Hong Kong
We have ordered:
1 HK milk tea
1 chilled HK milk tea in champagne style
1 chilled red bean drink with green tea ice cream

1 wonton noodle soup
1 braised organic rice in tomato sauce
1 XO noodles soup
1 seafood baked rice with mozzarella cheese
1 chiu chow style fried rice
1 braised beef with mushroom rice dish
My big aunt ordered a nice HK milk tea that came in this cute Tsui Wah signature cup. Her food order was a nice bowl of wonton noodle soup.
A plate of poached water spinach w/ bean curd sauce. Simply delish!
Crispy wheat bun with sweet kaya jam
Apparently this dish is a popular top-10 dish but that was not the reason why I ordered it. I just simply love toasted bread with sweetness, but this HK$18 bread dish was tasty but not that tasty or special that it needed to be in a top-10 popular dishes. I had to Google what the kaya jam was, which is coconut jam apparently but it also reminds me of sweet condensed milk too.

Organice braised rice in tomato sauce
Now this dish is obviously a mix between Eastern and Western cuisine. I ordered it because of the word `organic` ha and I wanted to eat something healthy too. My big aunt thought my dish was too healthy for her taste buds and therefore would never order it. Anyway! This bowl of rice in tomato sauce (HK$67) is comfortfood
and I love it!
Chilled red bean drink with green tea ice cream
Last but not least, this badboy of a drink! It was nice but so large that I couldn`t finish it completely. 
Chilled HK milk tea in champagne style
For my 2ⁿᵈ time at Tsui Wah, I have ordered this amazing looking beverage. It was HK$25 if I remembered correctly and kind of overpriced but hey, I love milk tea especially when it comes in this whimsical presentation. Overall it was a nice not to sweet chilled milk tea in a bucket.
Chinese veggie `kai lan` with oyster sauce.
Veggie with tossed noodles in XO sauce
This was my dish and it`s a simple dish that contains noodles, some veggie pieces with one of my favorite spicy sauce called XO. It also came with a broth and I wasn`t sure you have to mix the broth into the noodles or that you consume the broth like a soup separately? I don`t know but I end up pouring the broth into the noodles and ate it along with and it was yum! For only HK$38.
My brother had the `baked seafood with mozzarella and fried rice` and was the longest dish to arrive. I finished mine already when it came, but the dish itself looks pretty yum.
My papa had this one which I forgot the name of the dish...
And my other brother got the `chiu chow` style fried rice! Mhmm!
I wear contacts.
ADDRESS: G&1/F, 41-49 Pitt Street, Yau Ma Tei - HONG KONG

FOOD: •••• 4/5
SERVICE: ••• 3/5
INTERIOR: ••• 3/5
PRICE: •••• 4/5


  1. Oh I love Tsui Wah!! The last time I was there was during my high school senior trip, and I even remember taking pictures and putting them on my blog. What a throwback! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Wow! The food looks delicious. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Gorgeous food! I really haven't had wanton noodles in a while and really can eat plate after plate of it!

  4. The food looks so good and you look cute ! :)


  5. hk is basically all about food, food and more food. cha chaan teng is my absolute favorite too and I LOOOOOVE TSUI WAH. I spent quite a long time searching for tsui wah when i stayed in causeway bay because all i had was a physical map instead of internet, so i couldn't use google map or anything like that. i remember ordering the famous hk pineapple bun (because i'm so so so addicted to it), milk tea and some more than i can't recall. i think i ordered oatmeal too, iirc. it was a quick breakfast though since it was my final day in hk :(


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