That weekend in Hong Kong


Weekends in Hong Kong are extra eventful because most of the hardworking Hong Kong folks are free from work or only need to work for half a day. Back when I was in Hong Kong I usually make time and hang out with my family because I know they are free. See it as a couple of day of resting by going out at this precious weekend and have fun and have a mini vacation instead of a staycation. Yup in the weekend it feels like the entire HK is out of their home.

Maybe because I'm born and raised in The Netherlands at a country side and I'm more a homebody as well, but Hong Kong makes forces me to move my butt and get out. Hong Kong is so vibrant, things changes rapidly, shops come and go and I don't mind going to the same mall all the time. And perhaps it's a good thing I went out a lot because that means I walk a lot and that's sort of a work out too which is always handy in a food country such as Hong Kong.


Weekenden in Hong Kong is vaak extra bruisend want de meeste hardwerkende Hong Kongers zijn vrij van werk of hoeven maar een halve dag te werken. Ik sprak daarom vaak best af met mijn familie want ik weet dat ze vrij zijn. De weekenden zijn daarom extra kostbaar en daar moet je het meest van profiteren door lekker erop uit te gaan en het gaan vieren. En dat doen de meeste ook want het is in de weekenden dan dubbel zo druk.

Ik ben geboren en getogen in een boerse gat van Nederland en ben ook nog eens een huismus, maar in Hong Kong kon ik moeilijk lang thuisblijven. Er is altijd zoveel te doen in Hong Kong namelijk. Hong Kong is ook erg wilspulturig winkels en restaurants komen en gaan. Ik ga dus graag op pad en wellicht is `t geen slecht teken want dat betekent dat ik vaak moet lopen en dus een workout niet waar? Vooral in een lekkerbek-land als Hong Kong is een workout niet overbodig.

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
Breakfast at Diamond Hill
Traveled to Diamond Hill town to meet up with my aunties for breakfast/brunch at Hollywood Plaza Mall and has a gorgeous ceiling like this one. After that we went to the Nan Lian garden which I have blogged about it earlier
at this blogpost here:
» Nan Lian Garden
Getting some energy at McCafé.
Lunch in Sai Kung
We took the bus to Sai Kung pier and I love going to this area of Sai Kung because of the nature, delicious seafood and dogs! There are many dog owners in Sai Kung where they love to walk their dogs out in the somewhat spacious nature area of Sai Kung. Cats too.
The bustrip from Diamond Hill to Sai Kung is also very rewarding too because of the views. When we arrived we were looking for a place to have lunch.
Taiyaki puffs

But before our actual lunch, we bumped into this little shop where `taiyaki` puffs were sold and me and my aunts bought a portion for tryouts because we never had these snacks before. The taiyaki puffs looks incredible cute and tasted nice too with gooey custard inside. The texture reminds me of HK-eggpuff waffle but then in the shape of a fish with custard inside. Me and my aunts snacked on it while walking to the pier of Sai Kung.
You can see the baking process by following this belt. Was kind of mesmerizing by just looking at it and following the belt moving on.
Lunch at last
Since it was weekend it means double the crowd than on a normal weekday and so many restaurants was packed but we managed to find a restaurant with a table for me and my aunties. It was a random restaurant who I forgot what name it was but I had lemon ice tea with Singaporean rice noodle and my aunts had deep fried chicken & ribbed fries and chicken noodle soup.
The lunch was good, nothing special but mostly it was satisfying.
Before entering the bus again and heading back to the buzzing center of Hong Kong a.k.a Mongkok we bought pineapple buns the purpose of eating it in the bus.
Turns out our bus were having issue and later on even having a breakdown leaving me and the other passengers stranded for a couple of min before a new bus arrived and picked us up. A little perk: cheaper ride charges.
Dinner in Mongkok

IKKYU Japanese Causal Restaurant - Mongkok - HONG KONG
For dinner my niece had joined in and we all went for Japanese food. Me, my niece and my aunties shared a bowl of salmon sashimi (very nice), a hot sizzling plate of okonomiyaki (yum!) and a plate of ell maki sushi rolls (also yum).
Overall a good dinner at a not so busy Japanese restaurant.
To me that`s usually not a very good sign especially around dinner time but o well, after the crowdy Sai Kung I was fine with this quiet dinner place and the food was not bad either.

The night is still young
The night is still young so after dinner me and the whole gang went out shopping around Mongkok district. Here I discovered and fell in love with a store called `Collect Point` which is basically a shop that sells different kind of Asian clothing brand under one roof. The best part back then it was sale time, and a super nice one too: 50% off EVERYTHING. Woo! My niece who shops at Collect Point tells me that Collect Point holds 2 big sales each year, a summer sale and a winter sale.

After shopping and before heading back home we went to a `purikura` Japanese fun photo booth to create even more memorable memories.


  1. Haha my life is just food and walking to food ;P or at least, that's what I'm striving for, but I also need to walk to school and learn things, which is cool too haha -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Collect point! <3 Echt een super leuke winkel is dat -ook al heb ik maar 1 broek gekocht haha- en ehrmygwad IKKYU, die stond nog op mijn lijstje, maar niet geweest. ><
    Naar Sai Kung moet je toch met zo'n mini busje?

  3. Looks awesome! Where was the purikura place you went to?


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