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Discovering new places are exciting and you don't even need to go on a far far trip. I'm from Holland and even though Holland is a small country I still have not discovered or been to all places yet. Recently I was in Middelburg again, nothing new but I did discover some new Dutch positive findings: RØST &  Stoom. Read it all below!   

Nieuwe plekken ontdekken is leuk en je hoeft helemaal niet ver weg te gaan. Nederland is goed ver genoeg voor nieuwe dingen ook al is `t een klein kikkerlandje. Laatst waar ik weer eens in Middelburg, op zich niet echt nieuw maar wel heb ik nieuwe hotspots ontdekt: RØST Stoom. Lees het allemaal hieronder!

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voor Nederlandse

RØST - Middelburg - The Netherlands
Don`t ask how I should pronounce `RØST` correctly but it is a name of a chill and a homey café in Middelburg - The Netherlands. RØST has been just open for a year by a lovely lady host and I have decided to give it a go. Also I have notice the wifi sign and I hope I could work here with my laptop too so before I order I firstly asked if it`s ok to work here with a laptop and the lady host didn`t mind at all. That`s one thumbs up earned already! RØST has enough power sockets too to keep my laptop running and once I have settled down my work place I was ready to order.
I ate
1 homemade pumpkin soup with bread
1 cappuccino
Cold weather asks for a humble bowl of delicious and creamy homemade pumpkin soup like this one at RØST. It came with 4 slices of bread with butter and all of this was just €4!
The lady host had a café business before in Antwerp before deciding to move to Middelburg. Not a newbie café owner at all! You can tell by the interior look and food wise.
Very good caffeine too.
ADDRESS: Sint Janstraat 45 4331 KB Middelburg - THE NETHERLANDS

FOOD: •••• 4/5
INTERIOR: •••· 3,⁵/5
SERVICE: ••••· 4,⁵/5
PRICE: ••••· 4,⁵/5

Stoom - Middelburg - The Netherlands

At Stoom I had a meal. On purpose. How you may ask. Well, Stoom is located next to the trainstation of Middelburg and was once a typical trainstop-restaurant for hungry passengers but the owner retired and sold it to a new owner and changed the name to `Stoom` (literally means steam in Dutch). Not only the name changed but also the interior and the food, o Lord the food because I read that they got seaweed burger on the menu.
So how did I end up having dinner on purpose?

I was at the trainstation to catch my train and here I came to a point of decision whether I stick to my original plan and catch the train or have that seaweed burger. I went for the burger and missed the train on purpose.
I ate
1 Seaweed burger with fries and salad
The seaweed burger! At last! I`ve only heard and read about it but never taste it and so I was very excited to try it out. The seaweed burger is entirely 100% vegetarian friendly and claimed to be the most healthy burger on the planet. The patty is made of tofu and seaweed (healthy!), same goes for the bun too which the taste kind of reminds me of matcha for some reason.
Topped with tangy yellow courgette, onions and greens and everything was hold together with a toothpick.

I have to admit that I have not eaten a burger outside my house for a while and this burger relives the joy of having a burger. It was very good! And I was stuffed and I couldn`t even finish my fries.
I was eating at this improvised kitchen countertop table and the sink was still in it, pretty cool.
ADDRESS: Kanaalweg 24 Middelburg - THE NETHERLANDS

FOOD: ••••· 4,⁵/5
INTERIOR: ••· 2,⁵/5
SERVICE: •••· 3,⁵/5
PRICE: •••• 4/5


  1. All of the foods looks so good, especially the pumpkin soup. :)

  2. Oh you asked whether or not you could pull out your laptop! So considerate! I usually just pull out my laptop whenever I feel like it, whether or not I'm invited to :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  3. awesome post!

  4. Oooh both places look awesome! That pumpkin soup is amazing and I want some (even though it's 33C here today!).


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