A cat event called 'Happy MEOWment'


Last Summer in Hong Kong it was a Summer with lots of cat involvements. I was shooting cat pictures and had lunch (blogpost here) at a cat café with cats everywhere. #happyplace!

Cats are one of the living things that makes me happy instantly and it's no secret I subscribe to many cat pages on Instagram and Youtube.

Last Summer in Hong Kong I was at another cat related event in the fabulous mall called Langham Place - Mong Kok. The event is called 'Happy MEOWment' and was basically a little platform with cat themed decor for people to explore and take pictures. And all free of charge!

Langham Place does create many different events and according to the social media their latest event has the famous Danish construction toy Lego's init. Fun!
But not just Langham Place has fun picturesque event but I've noticed that other bigger shopping malls in Hong Kong has these typical themed decor and figurines for people to take pictures with.

Check out my play time at Happy MEOWment below and guys, I have a vlog of it as well! Meow!

In de vorige zomervakantie in Hong Kong heb ik best wel veel katten-dingen gedaan. Ik heb veel foto's geschoten van katten bijvoorbeeld en heb geluncht in een kattencafé met echte katten!

Katten maken me direct blij en het is daarom niet zo gek dat ik heel veel katten pagina's op social media zoals Instagram en Youtube volg.

In de vorige zomervakantie in Hong Kong ging ik naar een ander katten gerelateerde event dat plaatsvond in de befaamde Langham Place - Mong Kok genaamd 'Happy MEOWment'. In principe is het een thema-platform met kattendecor en figuren waar mensen lekker kunnen rondsnuffelen en foto's maken. Dit allemaal was gratis en voor niets!

Langham Place organiseert best vaak verschillende nieuwe events en als ik de social media moet geloven is er op dit moment een event met het speelgoed Lego als hoofdthema. Maar niet alleen Langham Place heeft zulke events, andere bekende winkelcentra in HK hebben zulk typische events met thema decor en figuren. Leuk!

Bekijk hier onder mijn Happy MEOWment moment en daarnaast heb ik een bijhorende vlog gemaakt! Miauw! 

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
This nostalgia shop
Happy MEOWment had a couple of these fun themed decor houses such as a cat-café and this nostalgia shop with old fashioned and vintage food items from Hong Kong.
Milo chocolate drink!
Here I was having fun with fake cats that was created by a special virtual camera thingie, check out my vlog for a better view and understanding of it!
A vlog!
Let me take you to this happy place through this 1:30 minute vlog of mine. Thank you for watching and perhaps subscribing as well!


  1. I love love your vlogs! Looks like such a cute event and it is awesome that things like that are free.

    nat // dignifiable

  2. Wow! The cat cafe looks cool. I would love to go to those places some day. :)

  3. Oh goodness! The decor and colours and simply the whole cafe is so dreamy! Can my house look like this and be full of cats?

  4. The set up of the Cat Cafe is so pretty! Also loved the background music in your vlog :3 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  5. Ohmy! This is how my paradise looks like! :) Super awesome to be able to attend while you were visiting, oh and how cute is watching you moving around, at the first meow in the vlog Juno came running to see where it came from, hahaha. Big hug!


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