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Here's a fun day in last summer Hong Kong that I want to share with you guys real quick!
I was with my aunt and we decided to go to an attraction that I have never been before called Noah's Ark.

As the name reveals Noahs Ark is inspired by the famous bible story. More of this get away in the future post!
Of course the rest of day was fun too because of the foods me and my aunt had, we went to a beach, we went shopping and basically it was a good quality time spending with my aunt.

Vandaag heb ik een samenvatting van een dag uit Hong Kong van vorige zomer. Ik was op pad geweest met m'n tante en we gingen naar een attractie toe waar ik nog nooit ben geweest: Noah's Ark.

Zoals de naam al doet zeggen is de attractie geïnspireerde op het bekende Bijbelse verhaal Noah's Ark. Meer over dit binnenkort, want voor nu wil ik gewoon de rest van de dag aan jullie laten zien van ik en mijn tante. We hebben natuurlijk lekker veel gegeten, we gingen nog naar `t strand en hebben gewinkeld her en der. Bekijk het allemaal hieronder!

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
10:50 AM - yoga duty
I normally do yoga every single morning but I`ll admit that I total slacked my daily yoga routine when I was in HK 2016 in the first week. Partial I`ll blame the jet lag and the warm weather but I started doing yoga again somewhere in the mid second week and was glad I was doing it every morning again.
3:05 PM - lunch
Today was going to be a fun day because we are going to a theme park/attraction called `Noahs Ark`! But before that me and my aunt had lunch first at a random tea eatery. I had soup with fishballs and my aunt wonton soup.
3:58 PM - bus to Noah`s Ark
To Noah`s Ark! I am pretty exciting because I have never been there before.
The little half hour bustrip was nice on it`s own as well because look at the view!
4:36 PM - arrived but first a beach stroll
Noah`s Ark is located at a place called `Ma Wan` and it`s a lovely place that has a beach and so me and my aunt decided to take a beach stroll first before going to Noah`s Ark and it was surprisingly not that crazy crowded either.
`Oma´s Kitchen` a restaurant that specializes in German food.
Hello Noah`s Ark!
4:58 PM - Noah`s Ark at
And at last we arrived! A fuller and more detailed blogpost (and a vlog!) in the future about it but for now here are some sneak peeks for you.
7:18 PM - break at Pacific Coffee
A small coffee break at coffee chain company Pacific Coffee. I also have a nice chocolate tart with passion fruit.
8:38 PM - @Tsing Yi
Then it was time to head back. Me and my aunt decided to go `Tsing Yi/青衣` for dinner and do a little strolling at the mall as well.
9:50 PM - dinner
And for dinner me and my aunt went for Italian food at PizzaStage! Read the full blogpost about it here:
» link
Followed by a dessert at Sweets House Cha Cha where I had the best matcha soft serve ice cream I have ever had in my life.
0:31 AM - blogging duty
Blogging was also one of the things I slacked in HK but I guess I tried. Maybe I should try to make a list and schedule next time for blogging more properly when I`m on holiday. But then again I am on holiday so I guess it`s ok to take some time off of


  1. Never even heard of that attraction before! I think it's okay to take time off when you are holiday; time to disconnect and just enjoy the present moment

    nat // dignifiable

  2. Wow! Looks fun. :)

  3. Oh I love Cha Cha! Looks like a fantastic day full of good sights and good food! A vacation well spent :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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