My Christmas in Holland


And so came Christmas 2016 to an end. Overall my Christmas was good and stressfull as usual but I'm happy that I ticked mostly everything off my to-do list such as cooking up the big Christmas dinner meal (more of that soon!) and I have send all the Christmas cards and parcels away to my dearest in the rest of the world.

One of the things that I always do with Christmas each year is to visit a Christmas market near my hometown. This year they have added a food court and as a foodblogger that I am, I was excited for it! I've decided to do my annual Christmas market strolling and have a little lunch and exploring around this food court.  

En zo kwam Kerstmis 2016 ten einde. Mijn Kerst was vrij goed inclusief de bijbehorende kerst-stress en gelukkig heb ik toch bijna alles kunnen doen wat ik graag wilde doen met deze Kerst zoals een groot kerstdiner bereiden (meer binnenkort!) voor de familie en heb ik gelukkig alle kerstkaarten en pakjes bestuurd naar mijn favoriete mensen van de wereld.

Een van de vaste dingen die ik doe is mijn lokale kerstmarkt bezoeken. Dit jaar hebben ze een foodcourt toegevoegd. Ik als heuse foodliefhebber was razend benieuwd. Ik besloot mijn jaarlijkse kerstmarkt bezoekje te brengen ook een hapje en een drankje te doen bij deze food court.

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

Food truck trotting
A lunch between all the food trucks.
Barefoot Coffee - Middelburg - The Netherlands
••••∙ 4,⁵/5

Winter special `choccanella`

Barefoot Coffee caught my attention first because of the amazing popping color azure-blue that their stand have and I smelled coffee and got me straight into a good mood. I`ve decided to order their winter special `choccanella` (€3,50) which is a hot beverage with espresso, milk, chocolate and whipped cream. It was delicious! It was not a strong coffee but it was aromatic, creamy and warm drink and I liked it.

Pazza Foodtruck -  Bergen op Zoom - The Netherlands
•••• 4/5
I`ve had:
1 pizza `Margarita`
1 tiramisu
Pizza Margarita

What should I eat? It was a decision battle between this fish & chips truck and this Italian truck called Pazza Foodtruck. I`ve decided to go for a pizza and picked my all time favorite the pizza Margarita which cost 5 bucks. Hopefully the portion will be reasonable but mostly me having a delicious lunch afterwards.

While I was waiting for my pizza I had a nice chat with the truck owner of Pazza Foodtruck. He assures me that all his pizza`s are fresh and homemade. Well homemade it was indeed because not only is the truck owner a truck owner but also a master in tossing the pizza dough into the sky. And catch it of course and so after 5 minute or so my steamy hot pizza came and served on a paper plate ready to be devoured. Let me start by telling how crisp, fresh and delicious the pizza dough was. Yes I am a big fan of the pizza base because it has that fresh-bread taste like and also the pizza portion was fair and square round with gooey toppings that makes my belly very happy.

Dessert time! I had a tiramisu which I got for free (thank you so much!) after I exposed myself being a foodblogger and in exchange for this free treat I promised a fair and honest hotspot-review at my blog. No problemo! So what makes a good tiramisu. For me: a good balance between cream, coffee, cacao, biscuit and subtle alcohol taste. Well this tiramisu ticked most of the boxes and was very yum and indulging! Perhaps a tad less cream would be even better but overall it was a lovely tiramisu with a generous amount.

Pofferdory - Eindhoven - The Netherlands
••••∙ 4,⁵/5

Poffertjes (Dutch mini pancakes)

To end my food truck adventure I had a portion of another all time favorite of mine: the Dutch poffertjes from `Pofferdory`. Honestly I was stuffed already after the tiramisu from Pazza Foodtruck but I promised myself already from the beginning that I will (and shall!) have poffertjes. I mean look how adorable their truck/stand looked like! I kind of realize that the greater and original the foodstand looks like, the more chance I`ll buy food from that foodstand but anyhow. I have decided to take my round through the Christmas Market which was also happening at the same time and place and this way to burn some energy and make space in my belly.

After an hour or so I came back and for some reason the Pofferdory owners recognized me. Perhaps my red crochet crown did the trick but anyhow, since I was seen snapping pictures with my camera, I was invited to check out their little kitchen behind! Amazing thank you so much! The truck owners were such down to earth people, I love it! So eventually I have ordered my poffertjes in traditional toppings of (ghee) butter and icing sugar. The poffertjes who are freshly prepared in front of me in these traditional poffertjes pan tasted delicious and comforting. You can also have extra toppings as well such as chocolate, syrup and liquor syrup but to me the poffertjes with just butter and icing sugar great already.
Other food stands
This `keep calm` quote got me a little confused because you have to keep calm but also eat fast? Hmmm.
Tried out pine flavored honey for the very first time, interesting!
Annual market
Even though the weather was cold, rainy and not great the Christmas market was still packed with people which is a good sign of course. I always come to this annual Christmas market at my local town and honestly the market seems to get bigger each year which is of course another good sign.
Also a good place to create and practice shots with bokeh effects thanks to the many lights.

My goodness, if only my budget allows to - I`d have taken this green cabbage pan any second. From Lá e Cá, here`s a link to the shop:
» Link
More food try outs! Sheep cheese on toast and cherry liquor in teeny tiny chocolate cup. Very good! I`m surprised about the cherry liquor one because I normally dislike cherry liquor chocolates but this was surprisingly good!
Real rabbit fur.
A wool stand is like a candy stand to me. From Fleurige Fleur.
Apart spending money at the food court, I have also spend my cash at the Christmas market so here`s what I bought:
Ok that brown H&M cardigan is not from the x-mas market but I bought yarn, the pine honey eventually and I could only afford that green cabbage as a little dish.


  1. The choccanella looks SO good!! I love food courts/food trucks/food stands & holiday markets :') How sweet that the owner invited you to a behind-the-scenes look :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. All of the foods and drinks looks good! Great haul too. :)

  3. This looks so fun, not to mention delicious!! I’ve always wanted to visit a Christmas market but they don’t really exist in Australia. Hope you had a lovely Christmas day, Mei :)

  4. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas <3

  5. How fun I got exactly the same cardigan in the same color at H&M! We will be twins Barcelona/Holland :) :) The food market looks so much fun with all the stands and vans. I need to try the Poffertjes the next time I visit Holland (which I hope it is soon). Wish you a lovely season my dear pal!


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