My free birthday buffet


Last Sunday I've celebrated my birthday and that means cake and lots of food, yay!
Thank you for your sweet sweet birthday wishes too!!

I have mentioned  it at my 'about' section but for those who doesn't know yet I have 2 younger brothers and we form a triplet. We three celebrate our birthday at the same time and we all three age at the same time though I am sort of the oldest of us because I came out first. By one minute ha and that legit makes me the big sister. So yes that's my little family background story. On to our grand birthday dinner!

For our birthday dinner I was extra excited this year. I have found a restaurant/buffet place called 'Tafelen' (Dutch word for dining) where we had dinner because they cope with the following rule: free dining for birthdays. Like OMG! Free food for me and my brothers! Of course you have to bring ID for legitimize and then you are good to go for 2 hours free dining! Only my dad paid for his part but overall it was a good valuable birthday meal.   

Afgelopen zondag vierde ik mijn verjaardag en dat betekent taart eten en extra lekker tafelen! Dank jullie wel voor de lieve felicitaties!!

Ik heb het al bij mijn 'about' pagina gemeld maar voor diegene die het nog niet weten: ik heb nog 2 broertjes en wij samen vormen een drieling. We zijn dus op dezelfde dag geboren, verjaren op dezelfde dag en we zijn dus even oud. Alhoewel ik ben eigenlijk de oudste omdat ik als eerste op de wereld ben gekomen. Met maar liefst 1 minuut voorsprong op mijn broertjes en ben dus daarom de grote zus. Dus ja, hier mijn leuke familie achtergrond! Op naar onze grote verjaardag diner dan maar.

Ik verheugde extra naar onze verjaardagsdiner want we gingen namelijk bij Tafelen eten. Zij hebben een regel waarbij de jarigen gratis mogen eten. Hoe tof is dat! Ik en mijn broertjes gratis schransen eten! Alleen papa moest zijn deel betalen.  Natuurlijk moet je je ID mee nemen om je te legitimeren en daarna mag je 2 uur lang onbeperkt eten en drinken. Een heerlijk voordelig verjaardag maal dus.

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

Tafelen - Middelburg - The Netherlands

The buffet
The buffet is a self serving buffet but there are also different counters (such as a wok counter, grill counter, dessert counter) with its own cook in it. Here you can order food freshly and straight away from it. The dessert counter has to be my favorite counter because I`m by no secret a major sweet tooth and the choice of desserts is pretty great and varied as well! My other favorite counter is this middle counter because of the lovely fish decoration at the ceiling.
My friends told me that the sushi at Tafelen is good but I find it really average because you can tell by tasting that they are not fresh anymore. As for the sashimi I have better sashimi in my life before but! These buffet-sashimi were not bad actually.
Of course the beverages and such were price included.
As me being a pescatarian means that the only meat I eat is fish and the food choice here at Tafelen is not bad. There are still plenty of seafood choices left and as for vegetarian guests there also vegetables available however it can be more and more varied if you ask me. At the end dining at Tafelen is more value for money when you`re a meateater since everyone pays the same price.
ugh, I should have shaved my knuckle hair but here`s my newest cat ring and it´s so cute! A self birthing gifting.
My foodbaby
Since it was 2 hours long self food serving, I took full advantage of it at this open buffet and so this is what I scooped up:
Sushi, sashimi, seafood salad, cucumbers, deviled (I wrote devils eggs first lel) eggs, chicory with tuna salad.

Grilled salmon and tiger prawns in lemon butter sauce and chow mien.
Fried rice and stir fried mixed ingredients (shrimps, onions, bean sprout and mushroom in oyster garlic sauce).

Banana dessert, French macaron, `tompouche`, marshmallow, waffle and doughnut.
Sweet popcorn, random fruit and waffle on a stick.
ADDRESS: Podium 31 4337 WV Middelburg - THE NETHERLANDS

FOOD: ••• 3/5
INTERIOR: •••• 4/5
SERVICE: ••• 3/5
PRICE: ••∙ 2,⁵/5 (5/5 when it`s free on a birthday)


  1. Free buffet on your birthday? What a steal! Your family really made the most of it with three free buffets :D The food all looks yumm :) Happy belated birthday! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Aw happy birthday!! I love the cat ring - i have a few myself! :D

  3. Wow! The buffet looks delicious. :)

  4. I enjoyed the birthday post for you and your brothers!!
    Lovely cat ring!

    Have a Merry Christmas, Mei!



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