Peek Into My life 74


Today's Peek Into My Life #74 took a bit longer to create and edit because I have made so so so many pictures and it was hard to choose from. It was sort of a battle of which picture should get in and which sadly I have to delete. I have taken too much Christmas pictures, food and anything related between them. Please check out my life below! 

Mijn blogserie 'Peek Into My Life #74' deed er wat langer over om tot een geheel te komen. Dit komt omdat ik alweer teveel foto's heb gemaakt. Ik moest hierin weer een keuze maken welke foto in de blog doe en welke niet. Ik heb voornamelijk veel kerst kiekjes geschoten en ook natuurlijk eten. Bekijk ze allemaal gerust hieronder.

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
Me at a H&M fitting room where I was fitting this long black blazer and looked over to my friend for her opinion. For some reason I didn`t bought it at the end.
Nom time
Then we went to one of my favorite café `De Juf` for lunch. We had a wonderful quiche platter along with tea and coffee.
The quiche platter contains a bowl of salad, vegetable chips and 3 different type of quiches. This zucchini, pine nut with mint quiche is my favorite and this beet root chip is so good!
A day in Rotterdam with Jessy
A catch-up lunch first at Round&Round with pancakes and coffee, a fuller blogpost about this is at here:
» Link
We shop
Of course
At the pop-up store Van Delft where we bought yummy Dutch pepernoten.
At Monki.
Almost almost bought this beautiful cup & saucer at my favorite budget store Søstrene Grene.
My Dutch Santa Claus a.k.a Sinterklaas
Means presents and food for the good eggs.
We ate pepernoten and a themed cake with a delicious Sinterklaas on top.
Sinterklaas at work
Since Sinterklaas is mainly a Dutch children holiday, it was not surprising that my work celebrated Sinterklaas with the kids as well.
Adorable `Zwarte Piet` and `Sinterklaas` kids crafts.

My class got this bubble making toy as presents and everyone was so ecstatic and happy once everyone ripped the paper off!
Homemade cookery
The kitchen is my happy place.
Then there was Christmas
With the usual Xmas-stress.
Darn why are parcel shipment so pricey, I felt super broke afterwards. This all went to the other side of the planet to my relatives.
Local Christmas event at night.
And you can even take part of a curling activity.
The leftover food of my Christmas dinner at work.
Me time
If you haven`t seen my big stuffed crochet blueberry cheesecake yet you can check it out here:
» Link
And this baby here is my newest yarnfood and I can`t wait to blog about it with close up detail!


  1. So much delicious food! Can't wait to hear more about Round&Round :) also omg so much leftover Christmas food! I wish I were there so I could polish it off! Also can't wait to hear about your latest Yarnfood :) Oh and I love your beret! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. all the fooood!!! i swear every time i visit your blog, i get hungry or hungrier (if i'm reading your blog with a grumbling stomach, that is). i didn't go anywhere on christmas, neither did i celebrate it. my family and i don't celebrate christmas but we usually commemorate it by going out to have dinner. this year, however, it didn't happen so yeah, it was a nothing special, boring christmas for me. yours though! your christmas looks so delicious! aargh, all the foood *drools*

    p.s: i like taking one of those cliche mirror selfies whenever i'm in h&m fitting room too! LOL


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