Going to Lamma Island


My big Summer holiday in Hong Kong last summer was lovely! I saw my family again, ate authentic Cantonese cuisine and I've bought and shopped a lot too but also this time I've got the chance to visit the less populated outlying island called 'Lamma Island'.

Lamma Island kind of shows the quieter side of Hong Kong thanks to the greenery, the mountains, the beach and the different hiking paths. And of course the fresher air as well! Together with my aunt we escaped to Lamma Island for a good soak up into the nature and a good time trekking around and snapping a lot of (IG-appealing) pictures! 

Mijn zomervakantie in Hong Kong vorige jaar was fantastisch! Ik zag namelijk mijn familie weer, at heerlijk authentiek Cantonees eten en heb natuurlijk lekker geshopt. Dit keer ging ik ook voor `t eerst de wat minder drukke eiland genaamd 'Lamma Island' bezoeken.

Lamma Island laat zien dat Hong Kong ook een rustige kant heeft dankzij de ongerepte natuur, het strand, de bergen en de verschillende wandelroutes. Niet te vergeten de wat frissere lucht! Samen met mijn tante gingen we deze wandelroutes trotseren en lekker van de natuur genieten wat natuurlijk gepaard ging met veel foto's maken.

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voor Nederlandse

Ferry ride
To get to Lamma Island you take ferry from Central which roughly took around 30 minutes to arrive.
A quick breakfast first at the ferry kiosk which was this grilled cheese and it tasted a lot like of our own Dutch grilled cheese. #homesick
I`ll be honest I got a bit motion sick (and I never get motion sick!) because o boy, the boat was shaking! And I Also the weather was not great either which makes the ferry move even wilder.
Yung Shue Wan
Eventually we arrived after 30 minutes at Yung Shue Wan. Here we had lunch, or I`d rather say my aunt had lunch because my stomach was still recovering from the wild boat ride. Instead I only had lemon tea.
My favorite cat-themed shop!
Interesting village with tiny shops and restaurants, old houses and street art. On to the beach! 

The Beach
Me and my aunt didn`t hang out too long at the beach. I didn`t brought my swimsuit and other beach essentials with me anyway and so after this amazingly photo-fail where I get all wet at the end we continued our trekking through the mountains of Hong Kong.
The hike
According to Google Maps our hike was 4,8 km long.
I think there was a time where you can still enjoy the view from this bench.
Luckily we still have this random chair for the view.
One of the terrifying of my life was a crossing by this huuuge spider who was blocking our path and to which this picture unfortunate does not show justice of how really big it was.
As me and my aunt continued our hike, we also noticed how the sky was getting clearer and brighter as well.
This is what I bought at the Something about Cats shop from earlier by the way.
At the Cave Kamikaze. This picture also reminds myself once again and perhaps future visitors to this island: bring bug repellent.
Back to civilization!
Me and my aunt finished our hike and we decided to give our feet and legs a rest at a café called Bebe V.!
Back to main Hong Kong
This time we depart from the Sok Kwu Wan Ferry Pier.
Go us!


  1. Im so glad you enjoyed Hong Kong! I'm from there myself and Lamma Island is lovely when you want to get away from the hectic city life! Always love hearing other bloggers visit home! Hope your trip to Hong Kong was amazing and eye opening!

    Alexis xoxo | www.alexisanneofficial.com

    Instagram: @lexxianne

    Twitter: @AlexisAnneBlog

  2. Oh wow you walked a long way! Those views are gorgeous though, so worth it!

  3. The post is great! I really love your photos :)


  4. lovely photos !


  5. That is a long walk! Was it quite hot / humid there? Or a lot cooler with the sea breezes?

    nat // dignifiable

  6. You always find the best places wherever you go! I can't believe I didn't hear about Lamma Island when I was there because it looks like a fun visit. Great photos as always :D

  7. Looks like you got in a variety of activities! Also that ship in the third-to-last photo is amazinggg -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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