I have found Noah's Ark. In HK


Hong Kong has a couple of big theme parks such as a Disneyland and Ocean Park but have you heard of Noah's Ark? Noah's Ark is of course a lot lot lot smaller than the first two mentioned theme parks but it's a pretty fun park too! Especially for a first timer like myself when I visited Noah's Ark last year Summer.

Noah's Ark was fun but also full of learning and educational activities too! It was based on kids level though but I guess there's no harm for grown ups with the forever inner-child like myself to join and repeat this level for the fun and for once be less serious. I'm in!

Come and check out my time in Noah's Ark down below.


Hong Kong heeft enkele grote bekende attractieparken zoals Disneyland en Ocean Park maar ook de minder bekende Noah's Ark. Noah's Ark is veel kleiner dan de eerste genoemde parken maar het is gelukkig net zo leuk! Vooral toen ik voor `t eerst naar Noah's Ark ging vorig jaar zomer.

Noah's Ark is dus leuk maar ook heel leerzaam dankzij de vele educatieve activiteiten. De meeste van deze activiteiten zijn vrijwel voor kinderen bedoeld. Maar ach het kan echt geen kwaad om voor volwassen met het eeuwige innerlijke kind zoals ik deze activiteiten weer onder de loep te nemen en eventjes, eventjes niet serieus te zijn. Heerlijk!

Bekijk hieronder mijn avonturen in Noah's Ark!

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

Noah`s Ark
And The Garden, Expo and Life Education House
At the entrance we stumbled across this little mouse eating and minding it`s own business. This was the only real animal me and my aunt saw in Noah`s Ark because the rest of the park was filled with plastic animal figurines.
The Ark Garden
A pretty man made park with lots of greenery and plastic life size animals. For me it was kind of weird double feeling because I want to see real animals rather than these plastic ones. On the other hand I don`t fully support animals in captivity for entertainment.
A great gaze at the Tsing Ma Bridge.
The Ark Expo
Noah`s Ark is one of my favorite Bible story and I`m not even hardcore religious. At the next part called Ark Expo you can learn anything about the background of Noah`s Ark.
At a 4D movie room
There was also an impressive display of Noah`s Ark collections from all of the world. This piece is my favorite because it`s simply adorable.
Ok I was not entirely true about Noah`s Ark having no real animals because there were real animals!
Such as insects, fishes, birds and even tortoises.
The Life Education House
Here at the Life Education House it was a playground and a learning place in one! Even though the purpose was for kids mainly but I sure had a fun time exploring too.
Me in the `creative & design room`.
I guess I`m in the produce/food room? I don`t remember. But I do know that everyone poops!
In the `letter room`! Here I`ve learned and played around with some Chinese signs that I have totally forgotten now.
But I still do know that this one means `pig`. Like myself.
And lastly the `culture room` before Noah`s Ark was closing. Me and my aunt were a bit on the late side too (closes at 6PM) and we couldn`t see everything of Noah`s Park sadly. Overall I had a wonderful time with my aunt at Noah`s Ark!


  1. I would love to bring my children to visit Noah Ark since they got to know some of the stories in their bible studies classes, this will definitely refresh and enhance their knowledge with such a visit.

  2. Oh what fun! I like the mix of sightseeing and activities :) I've never been to this part of the park. I've never visited Ocean Park either. I think I want to visit that the most! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  3. Awww! Noah's Ark looks like a fun fun place. I know what you mean about not having live animals there and the feeling, and I also don't really support zoos. But, it's good that it was also educational. :)

  4. this is such an interesting place. tbh with you, i'm not surprise if not a lot of people know about this place. it's nothing like disneysea or disneyland where you get to experience rides and stuff; this is more of a learning center with interesting sightseeing materials and like it or not, this isn't the kind of place everyone likes. don't get me wrong, i'd enjoy my visit if i were to go to noah's ark because i find it interesting (especially that everybody poops section!) but for most people, they'd find this place a little, um...boring. thanks for sharing though!


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